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A compendious voyage

Discussion in 'Storylines' started by Officerpuppy, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Officerpuppy

    Officerpuppy Buccaneer Staff Member

    Feb 26, 2004
    Retired modder
    Austin, TX
    Requirements: This quest should be done during the Isabella quest but not after it is completed.
    Background: You've heard rumors of a shipment of gold arriving to the Carribean from the Old World and you wan't your share, unfortunately, you're not the only one.
    Characters: Hero, assorted pirates.
    Where: Bermudes, Saint Martin, Dominica.

    "Atila promised to find Salvatore's hiding place. He has set up a meeting at his house two months from now."

    The Hero never imagined he would be doing so much for a woman whom he barely knows but feels, that she is the one for him. Not to mention the fact that her purse is considerbably larger than what whatever he has; or so he hopes. He can't help but wonder if this is his punishment for all the plundering he's done recently, although to be fair, he's only borrowed all that loot with every intention of giving it back. He is a business man after all, he just needed a small stipend to get his business going. None the less, running a ship and maintaining a crew is not cheap and this quest to save dear Isabella is burning a hole in his purse. As he walks to the tavern down the road, he thinks to himself that he has two months to make some coin before returning here for what will hopefully be one final expedition to finish Salvatore and enjoy Isabella and her wealth.

    Upon entering the tavern, the usual smell of wood with years of alchohol spilt upon it wafts in the air. The hero takes an empty seat next to a well dressed man who clearly does not belong there yet there he was. The man, highly intoxicated mubbles something about a Spanish ship carrying three chests of gold.

    Hero: Ho ho...you sir are clearly beyond redemption, barkeep! Another drink for my new friend.
    Spanish accountant: No...no, please senor...I should be going. But....one more drink won't hurt.
    Hero: You wouldn't happen to know about any Spanish ships would you?
    S.A: Si, I do! I'm the official accountant on Santo Domingo, we're expecting a frigate to arrive to deliver the monthly salary of the garrison.
    Hero: Oh, I see...but why are you here and not in San Juan?
    S.A: I was marrooned here by fiend whom I told my story to....I...I need to get back.
    Hero: Listen here....you need a ship to take you back, I'm you're man. Better still, I'll deliver you personally to this frigate.
    S.A: Very well senor, the ship should be arriving in three weeks, perhaps we can meet her at sea. The ship is called La Ventura

    Later that day as the Spaniard is shown to his new quarters, the Hero can't help but grin and smile, much to the notice of the crew who suspect their captain is up to something profitable.

    Saint Martin:
    Not five days out from Bermudes, they reach the northern coast of Saint Martin and then turn west in the hopes that this is the same route that the Spanish Frigate will be traveling on. Standing upon the upper deck, the hero scans the horizon for his prize yet he knows that there is a chance that this "fiend" is also searching for the prize. It's at this moment his mind goes back to the beautiful Isabella. Her long beautiful hair, her soft and delicate skin...and her bossum....that bossum! While still lost in his thoughts, the accountant, much sober from that day in the tavern yet still drunk thanks to the crew's efforts to keep him talking thinking that he will discuss more lucrative opportunities for wealth, comes to speak to the Hero.

    SA: You have a fine crew senor, they enjoy giving me their rum! Ha ha...I should have been a sailor, alas...
    Hero: Hmm? Oh yes...listen here, what can you tell me about this "fiend"? There is a possiblity that he may attempt to intercept La Ventura and naturally we will defend her and the honor of Spain from this pirate.
    SA: I don't really remember senor, all I can really say is that he was a handsome man and who wore a magnificent sword on his belt. Perhaps he was wealthy.

    The Hero returns his gaze into the open sea thinking about a possible engagement with the "fiend". If this man is rich, there is no telling what kind of ship he's put his money in. Will it be a small but fast ship? Or a larger and heavly armed ship? Several days pass when at last, the sweet words the Hero has been waiting to hear is said, "sail ho!" Waisting no time, the whole crew rushes from all parts of the ship to spot the ship for themselves. The Hero takes out his telescope and exams the ship....it's Spanish! He then hands to the telescope to the accountant who joyfully confirms it is La Ventura. The Hero's smile widens as he takes the telescope and stares at the ship as he orders his men to turn the ship to intercept it. While inspecting the ship, analyizing how many guns and crew it may hold, the Hero notices something distrubing. The ship is traveling in the opposite direction, away from Santo Domingo.

    The Spanish ship immidetly begins to fire on the Hero's ship, and so the battle begins! Once the Hero's crew takes the prize, the Hero confronts the enemy captain in his quarters and defeats him in combat, defeated, the captain lays down his sword and pleads for mercy in a French accent. The accoutant rushes in and informs the Hero that this man is not the captain of the La Ventura but an imposter! Furthermore, the three chests of gold are gone.

    S.A: Where is the gold you French swine!
    French Capt: Please....spare my life, I will tell you all I know, just let me live!
    Hero: Speak up man, where is the loot?
    F.C: We've been betrayed, my captain took the gold and put someone of us aboard this ship clameing that it was a greater prize than the three chests of gold that was brought over to the other ship. Even before the battle, this ship was already damaged and leaking. Some prize he left us! He remained aboard the other ship with only his most loyal followers and left the rest of us to rot in this Spanish hulk.
    S.A: Where is the rest of the crew? Speak swine before I kill you myself!
    F.C: They are locked up in the cargo hold, please don't hurt me!
    Hero: Where did you captain go?
    F.C: He wouldn't tell us but I overheard him say to one of his officers about heading toward Dominica.

    With the pirate crew in the hold and the Spanish back in control of the ship, the accoutant pleads with the Hero to find the missing chests and deliver them to San Juan. He will remain on the La Ventura and attempt to sail back to San Juan to notify the governor of what has happend and promises that when he returns, the governor will reward him properly. The Hero returns to his ship and instructs his crew to sail sail and head south for Dominica.

    After weeks of sailing, the Hero's lookouts spot Dominica with excitment and despair as they do not know if they will find the ship they're looking for or if this whole journey was a folly. That night the ship approaches the coast and spots what appears to be a small ship moored off the coast. The Hero, with his spirts raised for the first time in days, orders the ship to run out the guns and prepare to engage the enemy. After a fierce battle with the small and agile enemy ship, the Hero's crew sieze the day and capture the enemy ship. With the ship's captain dead, the Hero ransacks the captains quarters and to his delight, discovers the three Spanish chests laidden with gold! With the fate of the enemy ship decided, the Hero returns to his ship, pleased that this has been a compendious voyage. As the crew celebrates aboard their ship, the celebration is cut short when shoots are heard and ball spalshes near the hull of the Hero's ship. It is another ship! Damn that accountant...how many people has he told of this gold?! A battle ensues with the larger ship. The ship is taken but at a high cost to ship and crew. The Hero confronts the enemy captain in his quarters.

    Hero: Who are you and why did you attack us?!
    Spanish Captain: You fool! You've ruined our plans, hand over that gold!
    Hero: You are in no position to negotiate fiend.
    S.C: You're a dead man captain, Don Salvatore Tiepolo is not a man to be trifled with!

    The Spanish captain lunges at the Hero and the duel begins. With the defeat of the Spanish captain, the Hero tears the cabin apart looking for any clue that might lead him to the location of Salvatore but finds nothing. With the fate of the enemy ship decided, the Hero enters his cabin and stares at the three chests of gold and sighs. Although he has succeeded in his quest knowing where Salvatore was would have been a greater prize than gold. His only hope rests with Atila now. Faced with a new choice, the Hero ponders the situation, should he return the gold to Santo Domingo and pray that the governor is a giving man, or should he keep the three chests?
  2. craiggbrown

    craiggbrown Corsair Storm Modder

    Jun 26, 2009
    Henderson, NV. USA
    Very nice OP. I like it allot! [​IMG]

    Personally, I can't wait to get more quests and characters in game.
  3. hyakkivn

    hyakkivn Landlubber

    Aug 8, 2011
    Great story line. Hope this will be in the game soon :D

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