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Notice Anglo-American Maritime Clothing, 1680-1740

Discussion in 'The Blind Parrot' started by Talisman, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Talisman

    Talisman Smuggler Storm Modder

    Apr 29, 2009
    Hiding From The Coastguard
  2. Captain_Python

    Captain_Python Rogue Scholar

    Jan 1, 1970
    Thanks for link on here.
    Sorry for the delay in response. It has been a long time since I've messaged here. While I visited briefly in 2013 and 2011 when I decided to get City of Abandoned Ships (needed mod help), My more active period on here came before early 2007. I joined in the really early days, I'm pretty sure 2003 (long enough that when you click my profile, my join date says 1969, a result of some error when this place's older stuff got cleaned out for some reason, otherwise you could see a lot more of my posts on here). I was still in High School at that point. When I came back for help a few years ago, I didn't even realize this particular sub-forum had survived. I used to be a big poster in the Blind Parrot, since I study history (which is the bigger passion in my life than games, I'm not that good at games and really just enjoy the historically set ones, mostly Age of Sail related stuff). I remember getting into all kinds of discussions there. I even remember doing this thing multiple times a week for a while called "Captain Python's Table" where I had interesting articles and stories (along with one joke each time I think) that I would post and get discussions going. That emoji of the pirate reading the book was actually created on Pirates Ahoy! in my honor by whoever was creating emoji icons for the forum all those years ago (because of my historian reputation). Back in those days, I tried doing a website about pirates and maritime stuff during the Golden Age of Piracy briefly called "ASP101 - Age of Sail and Piracy 101". That didn't make it past one article that I wrote and one interview. That was 2006, and 9 years later, after obtaining two history degrees, I think I accidentally made a much better version of ASP 101, "Colonies, Ships, and Pirates" (csphistorical.com). That thing I wrote on Pirate Tactics back in 2005 (since I remember using Benerson Little's Sea Rover's Tactics to help write it and wrote it before my "ASP 101" thing), that was really early for me. It would be quite different if I were to try and write it today (since I would have footnotes and whatnot, just look at my csphistorical.com site articles) and probably just refer people over to Benerson Little's book (especially since I associate with him now (networking), he's even referenced my articles in his books).

    I have to say that this forum helped inspire me in pursuing my interest in studying in this kind of history while I was still studying American Civil War history. Maritime history, colonial history, and pirate history in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (especially 1680-1740) is now my main focus, Civil War fell off gradually as I did my Bachelors Degree at Gettysburg College (I started out really thinking I would get into Civil War history, but after you spend 4 years in that town, you get "Civil Warred out", add in that finding new stuff to write that matters is getting harder, plus the bad job market...I just decided to get out of the subject after finishing my degree). I used my history major classes to study pirate and maritime history as much as I could. Eventually, I was able to study maritime and pirate history outright when I did my Masters at East Carolina in Maritime Studies (really maritime history). That produced the thesis that is the subject of my crowdfunding project linked in the previous post.

    Thank you for supporting my project on here. One person here also made a kind donation to it as well. The project is actually going quite well. I am going to London to do the research really soon. I managed to raise 87% of the goal thanks to the donors. Donations for the project close on January 31 (for anyone who wasn't able to donate during the main campaign season of the 40-some days before last Christmas but still want their name associated with the project). Maybe when I write articles in the future I'll start posting links on here too.
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