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Fixed Ferro Cerezo's dialog

Discussion in 'Bug Archive' started by Grey Roger, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Grey Roger

    Grey Roger Sea Dog Staff Member Storm Modder

    Feb 12, 2007
    Watch closely. See if you can spot what's wrong with what Ferro Cerezo says when you tell him you're after the papers stolen from Padre Domingues:
    So that old fox  sent you.
    There are two spaces between "fox" and "sent". As I'm looking for hiccups in dialog resulting from @DeathDaisy's fixes for female characters and my fixes to have Nathaniel Hawk replace Danielle Green when you're playing a female, double spaces are a warning sign that something that ought to go between those spaces is missing. And so it is here, though it's nothing to do with either of those mods. In fact, in all the years people have been playing PoTC since the stock game, this one has gone unnoticed. But it's a bug nonetheless, because here's the offending line in "Ferro Cerezo_dialog.c":
    dialog.text = DLG_TEXT[49] + characters[getCharacterIndex(DLG_TEXT[50])] + DLG_TEXT[51];
    DLG_TEXT[49] is "So that old fox ", DLG_TEXT[51] is " sent you, and DLG_TEXT[50] is "Padre Domingues" - and it's like that even in the stock version. I replaced that line with:
    dialog.text = DLG_TEXT[49] + GetMySimpleName(characters[getCharacterIndex(DLG_TEXT[50])]) + DLG_TEXT[51];
    And now Ferro Cerezo fills in the blank with the name of the old fox.

    (Original dialog routinely uses a similar construct to put a character's name into a dialog. But the stock game didn't have 'GetMySimpleName' so the correct version is 'characters[getCharacterIndex(DLG_TEXT[50])].name', 'characters[getCharacterIndex(DLG_TEXT[50])].lastname' or both of the above if the dialog is to include his whole name.)
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