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Fishing for review of possible new storyline: Independence

Discussion in 'Other' started by Maritz, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Maritz

    Maritz Landlubber

    Jan 9, 2014
    Ahoy ye sea dogs!
    Greetings from across the pond all the way from South Africa.
    I am a brand spanking new member, who have recently started playing the vanilla Potc again (played it last in primary school- many moons ago), and finished the damm thing in under two days! Agh.
    So I was looking for a continue play mod, and guess what I found? Piratesahoy! I found! Freaking Epic I'd say. Now to put everything in context- I have not yet played the new horizons mod :( simply because my downloads keeps dying for no reason. It keeps closing for no apparant reason after wasting 8 hours of my precious seafaring energy. I am currently busy with try #4. If it fails again I am doomed to remain a poor vanilla pirate. Agh! Pity there is no torrent :(. But just reading about your mod excited so superly, I was forced to write a short almost introduction for a possible storyline in future. Please review the story and tell me what you think. Think of it as my final gift before I depart back to vanilla pirateland:

    Entry 1
    Dear diary
    English dogs! My entire life has been comprised of torment, dished out by our colonial masters, and we as an entire colony has stood by to see each other suffer under the hardships of our English masters.
    My forefathers immigrated to the colony from Holland many moons ago; due to an extreme case of wanderlust and a burning desire to prove to themselves that they can flourish in extreme conditions. The colony was yet a toddler when my forefathers arrived, and they grew alongside the colony. They became master farmers and hunters, learning the value of speed, mobility, camouflage and wilderness survival skills. These skills have been passed on down the family tree- down to me as well. They, alongside the entire Dutch colony grew prosperous and proud to such an extent where they even developed a new language and culture. There were even once whispers about independence...
    That all changed one morning when the thick morning mist rolled on to the island. The mist formed a thick white ghost wall, which suddenly spit and spew fire from its dark white belly. This demonic fire breath was indeed British cannon fire which consumed our colony’s fort. Within an hour redcoats were seen in the streets of our colony, beheading any man, women or child whom they deemed a future potential threat.
    That very night the British captain addressed the town, announcing that we are now a new British colony and will continue life as normal. Unfortunately for the redcoats, our colony was a proud one. My grandfather immediately rallied any and every loyal citizen and disappeared into the jungle. The citizens of my colony was never a seafaring bunch, as they instead mastered the art of farming and hunting, so banishing the devils to the sea whence they came from would not be done from a naval war (unless of course our Dutch navy would do it), it would have to be a small land held guerrilla war. My grandfather was the new resistance leader and prepared his troops in the jungle, far away from the devils careful gaze. He awaited the Dutch navy to react to this gross injustice and drown these red devils who now occupied his beloved colony. Yet the navy never came, which forced him to act and strike by means of small raids against strategic points of the British.

    These raids surprised the redcoats and where massively successful, forcing the British to spend more coin and manpower to safeguard their new colony. This lasted for about two months before the British openly displayed their evil nature. The redcoats burned our family farm, and any other farmer’s farm that were suspected of being part of, or assisting the resistance army- which included all the farms on the colony except the traitors who fed information to the occupiers. Furthermore the resistance’s family’s where thrown in jail, where disease and starvation was ripe and common. The resistance had no choice to surrender to the British in order to save their families from eternal slumber. My grandfather and other resistance leaders were beheaded in public to send a message to any future uprisings. The lower level resistance fighters were heavily fined and pardoned.
    My father worked hard to rebuild our farm, and I in turn worked hard alongside my father to make it as prosperous as it was in my grandfather’s time. The farm and my family, which comprised of my father, my mother and my sister was my entire life, until my mother died of disease. My father was never the same again- drowning his sorrows in the tavern while I carried on with running the farm.
    I have grown into a capable farmer running a prosperous farm, taking care of my drunkard father while my darling sister ran the household with an iron fist. I could have lived like this until the reaper came to fetch me, but fate has a funny sense of humour.
    Two days ago a off duty drunk redcoat spotted my precious sister and tried to have his way with her, while his comrades in arms stood by and laughed! She clawed his eye out in defence and he stuck his blade in her belly to show his gratitude. When the news reached my drunken fathers ears- he exploded into a ball of drunken hate, spitting ale and hatred. He beheaded the bastard responsible and was rewarded with thirty lashes in public and sent to the main British colony to rot in prison for his crimes against the crown. Furthermore the crown saw it fit that our family farm would be better used as property of some British noble. Of course the sins of our father led me to be thrown of the farm- into the streets as a simple beggar.
    Blasted redcoats will burn in hell!

    Entry 2
    Dear diary
    I spent the night at the tavern, as the innkeeper is an old loyal friend and he sheltered me for the night and medicated my sorrows with rum. I spoke of slaying the redcoats on the colony until the wee hours of the night.
    I awoke this morning with a hangover straight from hell. My dear friend the innkeeper persuaded me from any acts of vengeance- at least for now. I do agree that I would be able to cut down at least three of the devils before they arrange a meeting for me with the reaper. That of course would not bring me any revenge or any meaningful change in the colony.
    As I am now broke, without home or income and a destroyed family, I have no reason to stay on this colony. I have made a choice that will alter my life tremendously; I am going to become a captain of my own ship! Old friends and loyal citizens to my family has put together their purses and bought me an old ship. I will set sail tomorrow for the first time of my life- hopefully I don’t wreck it before I exit the harbour!

    Entry 3
    Dear diary
    Awful day! Being a ship’s captain is no easy feat! I have fallen off deck twice and vomited for the remainder of the day. My crew steered us out of the harbour and set us sail to the Dutch colony. My crew is ashamed of me. They have absolute no respect for this young pathetic landlubber who calls himself a captain. And who can blame them? I have not the faintest idea how to command and sail a ship. My first mate informed me that we will arrive at the Dutch colony in about four days. I wonder if I would survive the journey. If I don’t vomit myself to death or fall aboard and drown, my crew might have my head. I should have stayed a farmer and a British lapdog!

    Entry 4
    Dear diary
    Astounding news! We have arrived without incident on the Dutch colony. Furthermore I have gained what my men call my sea legs. My first mate let me sail the “Hart van Wraak” in the open sea and I have gotten the hang of it! Which I must admit is on open and clear seas. My crew seems a bit more at ease as well. Time only will tell if I am captain material.

    Entry 5
    Dear Diary
    It has been over four months since I have last written in here. I would gladly report that I am now an confident and proud ship’s captain. My first mate showed me all the ropes needed to run an efficient ship. What a valuable asset the man is! Furthermore my reputation is growing rapidly around the Dutch colony. I have already sunk eight English raider ships! The “Hart van Wraak” is not a powerful ship, but she is bloody fast! We gladly out speed and outmanoeuvre the enemy while we target their masts, rendering them sitting ducks in the open sea, where my cannons snipe them from far.
    As a reward for defending Dutch merchant ships on my own accord I am now serving in the Dutch navy. My men have finally found trust in me as their captain, and even I found trust in myself.

    Entry 6
    Dear diary
    It has been a year since I last wrote here. Exiting news I have! My service in the navy has brought me great reward. The captured cargo of the British raiders has made me quite a fortune!
    Unfortunately the Governor is no longer very pleased with me, as he deems me quite uncontrollable. This is true as I have led my own personal fleet of 6 ships towards British waters to raid and harass the devils, whereas I was ordered to continue patrolling the colony.
    I have not forgotten the fact that the Dutch abandoned my colony when we needed them. Neither have I forgotten my promise of revenge towards the British.
    I have devised a new plan. An epic plan indeed! I have retired from the Dutch navy and now fly my own flag. Tomorrow I will set sail to my old colony and repay the blood and misery they have caused us. Tomorrow I sail towards a NEW INDEPENDENT COUNTRY!!!
  2. Peter Blood

    Peter Blood Privateer

    May 3, 2010
    I like the idea. Pity it never got off the ground. :/

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