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Mod Release GOF MONEY LENDER DESPOSIT - Store 56 Million Pieces of Eight (PoE)

Discussion in 'TheBlackKnight's Mods and Guides' started by TheBlackKnight, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. TheBlackKnight

    TheBlackKnight Corsaire Flibustier Storm Modder

    Dec 2, 2013
    Professional Engineer Retired Army Officer

    Another OLD tweak, but a good and useful one, especially late in game.
    For the tight wad miser in all of us.
    True pirate fashion, if I might add.

    This simple direct mod modifies the script for city usurers to allow you to store up to 56 MILLION Pieces of Eight in a single city or town.
    This effectively allows you to deposit roughly 6X the amount that can be stored from default (Up to 10 Million PoE Maximum based on relations, city size, and nation).
    The reason I chose 56 Million is to still force money usage, and not make money more unbalanced late in game.
    If I had opted to store more than 100 Million, the interest alone would invalidate the need to use a banks at more than one city.

    It only changes one file in your installation.

    Useful for a multitude of reasons such as:

    1) Storing up for a rainy day for some insurance...
    2) Saving up for that new shiny ship (or a whole fleet!)
    3) Paying the salary of a VERY LARGE Fleet
    4) Paying off Nations with a High Bounty
    5) Buying off a Nation to Stop City Invasions
    6) Living off the interest alone!

    Functional for all CoAS installations (Vanilla, GOF, GOF Eras).

    1) Download attached "Usurer_dialog.c" file
    2) Back up your original Usurer_dialog.c file in a safe location
    3) Overwrite original file in program/dialogues/russian

    No new game is required.
    There are no problems that are caused by using this improved functionality, such as endless dialogue loops, script lockouts, or quest errors.

    Keep in mind, whatever interest rate you receive based on trade skills and the amount of time the money remains in the bank continues to grow INDEFINITELY.
    If and when you decide to remove your cash, the interest could be in the MILLIONS.
    You still will only be able store 56 Million again at that city ursurer, and the rest you have to put in your pocket...
    Additionally, the city can still be sacked and you can lose all your deposits due to invasions or pirates!

    DO NOT restore the original file for any reason, unless you have removed all your cash below the default number in each town/city (9 Million PoE) as you WILL break your game and lose ALL your gold.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014

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