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Solved Grotto moore FIX for v1.5 patch

Discussion in 'Age of Pirates Gameplay & Tips' started by Xvicious, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Xvicious

    Xvicious Landlubber

    Mar 16, 2016
    about me:
    I came to this forum in search of tips and trix for main quest of
    ages of pirates caribean tales. I just got this game to try it out because I always thought
    to get it but never did till now.
    I am a programmer and a super modder and do models too.
    I even code my own simple games engines (but not so easy to do)
    I make tools for games and have my own hex editor I coded.
    I have same tag Xvicious on another forum at co8.org
    if you want to look at other mods I have there.
    I got stuck on main quest in version 1.5.
    maybe this bug happens when you import a saved game after you updated
    I dont really know but I have a fix that will deal with both approaches.

    so if you like version 1.5 like I have found a bit more stable then the first
    Dvd 1.4x
    you may appriciate this fix and I can walk you through it.
    Ok start with openin the install folder
    ..\age of pirates - caribbean tales\program\ *reference this as our *Root
    open files: ( you would want to use a text editor like notepad )
    void OnLoad()
    find around line 634
    //IslandsInit() -change this to

    so this change will now initialize the islands in the game when you load a game.
    don't worry this does not change progress in your game with those islands.

    save and close file seadogs.c
    open files:
    around line 731 you see
    /// Dominica
    n = n + 1
    blocks of code
    Islands[].TexturePath = "Domonica" (Xvicious;after this line insert the following code exact match every word and case sensitive or wont work)

    ////-------------------Xv fix --------------/////

    if( CheckCharacterItem(pchar, "FullMap") )
    int iIsland = n;
    Islands[iIsland].reload.l1.label = "Grotto";
    Islands[iIsland].reload.l1.name = "reload_1";
    Islands[iIsland].reload.l1.go = "Grotto";
    Islands[iIsland].reload.l1.emerge = "reload1";
    Islands[iIsland].reload.l1.radius = 600.0;
    Islands[iIsland].reload.l1.pic = 0;
    Islands[iIsland].reload.l1.tex = "t1";

    pchar.quest.GROTTO_CHECK.win_condition.l1 = "locator";
    pchar.quest.GROTTO_CHECK.win_condition.l1.location = "Grotto";
    pchar.quest.GROTTO_CHECK.win_condition.l1.locator_group = "goto";
    pchar.quest.GROTTO_CHECK.win_condition.l1.locator = "goto4";
    pchar.quest.GROTTO_CHECK.win_condition = "Grotto dialog 1";
    Locations[FindLocation("Grotto")].locators_radius.goto.goto4 = 5.0;

    ////-------------------Xv fix --------------/////

    more code but unused

    so this will change the quest progress to match your save and allow you to
    moore the Grotto and find the treasure there
    if you have the whole map in version 1.5.

    save and close file islands_init.c
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    Hylie Pistof likes this.

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