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HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Captain Murphy, Apr 21, 2016.

  • by Captain Murphy, Apr 21, 2016 at 6:21 PM
  • Captain Murphy

    Captain Murphy Actually a Captain TOP CONTRIBUTOR Programmer News Gatherer Hearts of Oak Donator

    Nov 3, 2013
    Software Developer
    In association with PiratesAhoy! and The Unicorn Preservation Society we are proud to present the HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum project. Our goal with this project is to create an interactive and ‘living’ ship that can be explored using VR devices such as the Google Cardboard, Saumsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, and more. We also plan to build a web front version for browsers as well for those without a VR device.

    The model for the HMS Unicorn is being built in-house by our very talented modeler Christian Tornholm-Lehn for PiratesAhoy! for both the VR Museum project as well as the project Hearts Of Oak: Conquest of the Seas. Due to the detail of the model needed for both a museum quality replica and use for gaming it will be one of the most accurate 3d ship models made to date. Because the real HMS Unicorn is ‘in ordinary’, meaning it has a house over the deck and does not have rigging, we are using the sister ship HMS Trincomalee as the base of the rigging portion. Both are Leda class ships, with minor variations in design so the rigging should be extremely similar.

    Planned Builds:

    • Android (with and without Google Cardboard or GearVR)
    • iOS (with and without VR)
    • Windows (for VR devices and without)

    • Create a set of interactive displays to allow users to understand the function and correct nomenclature of shipboard items and tools
    • Allow users to freely explore a ‘living’ ship as it would have been outfitted during the period
    • Teach users how life aboard a ship was lived through representation of crew and officers for certain displays
    Windows x86

    Windows x64

    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
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Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Captain Murphy, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Pieter Boelen
    I haven't checked it out myself, but I want to congratulate you anyway on your progress! :bow
    Flannery likes this.
  2. Bleash
    I've checked it and it's looking great.

    Keep up the good work. :)
    Thagarr likes this.
  3. Captain Murphy
    Latest version has been uploaded to the server. What started as a simple "bug chase" ended up with a total rewrite of the project to find a stupid little shadow issue. Now that that is cleared up, I was able to pack in much better lighting, sound, and input features.

    Thagarr, Bava and Pieter Boelen like this.
  4. Captain Murphy
    More updates are coming for the Unicorn project. In the coming weeks we are adding in controller support at the request of the museum, and at the same time I am adding in some simple VR controls as well for controllers to use. In the meantime the lighting has gotten completely overhauled. It is now using a fully dynamic GI lighting system with a much more accurate AO as well. Last on my list is an updated AA solution and it should be done for the time being. Some of the textures have been updated as well to utilize the new lighting, as before they were stylized to create the same effect as the GI lighting now does.

    Above decks isn't massively different except for the updated shadows and the light bouncing being a lot more accurate.

    Below decks is a massive update. The lighting is much more accurate

    I am also testing the ability for the user to pick a 'filter' for the view so you can make it more cinematic if you want, or maybe even black and white like an old movie.

    Also coming is the ability to change the time, or even let time pass while you are exploring the ship. A couple of shots at night show how different the lighting can be. I am adding a lantern for the user to light their immediate area so they can actually see things while walking around at night.
    Armada likes this.
  5. Flannery
    I am starting work on finishing the interior as well in about a week or two. There is the captains quarters on the gun deck and the lower deck + the orlop left.

    The VR version is due to be finished by mid September
    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  6. Pieter Boelen
    Good luck with the remainder of the work, @Flannery! Hopefully you'll have fun doing it too. :doff

    That'll be interesting in VR! :shock

    Actually being able to SEE something? Sounds like a pretty good idea. :cheeky
    Captain Murphy likes this.
  7. Captain Murphy
    Now that the lighting is about as world accurate as you can get, the moon really doesn't put out much light, lol. It is amazing how stylized lighting is in games that you never really notice until you move to fully physical lighting and it doesn't have that 'slightly lit' appearance all the time. Here is an accurate shot from a full moon, instead of that sliver that is above.
    It isn't horribly dark and in VR it is really quite well lit but having a lantern is still nice for the lighting perspective.
    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  8. Armada
    Very nice work with the lighting! Did you write this system from scratch or does it build on Unity's own lighting?
  9. Captain Murphy
    HA! I am not an artist and have not mastered the amount of crazy math that goes into lighting, so that is not a scratch build for sure. The world lighting is Tenkoku with an open source volumetric component on it (that will be more visible soon) and the GI is now being done using SEGI which is a beta lighting solution that is amazing, though CPU intensive. I tried about 30 hours to get the Unity built in lighting looking good, and though it was passable it just wasn't 'right' and it bugged me to no end.
    Armada likes this.
  10. Captain Murphy
    Oops, didn't have shadows on in the last night shot.
  11. Pieter Boelen
    That shadow of the steering wheel looks really cool! :onya
  12. Captain Murphy
    Working on some test animations. Added in a character that calls for guns to fire to see how it looks in engine.
    Thagarr and Pieter Boelen like this.
  13. Pieter Boelen
    That is seriously cool! :onya
  14. Captain Murphy
    A new version is available in both x86 and x64. It has all new lighting, controller support, updated water, updated textures, a new character model, updated UI, updated settings controls, added terrain, new LOD's on some models. It is the framework for the next set of changes which will include a couple of interactive displays to test the system and possibly VR being enabled with the new controls.

    Windows x86

    Windows x64
    Thagarr and Pieter Boelen like this.
  15. Captain Murphy
    Well I finally updated the project to Unity 5.4 this week. After a few frustrations it is finally smoothed out.
    HM Frigate Unicorn - Unity 5.4 update

    This is probably one of my favorite pics from the album.

    The biggest update that is coming to the project is an additional settings screen that blows the last one out of the water. It is based on the same code as the Tides of War settings update from the August Devlog.

    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  16. Captain Murphy
    The latest build of the Unicorn project is on our site. The links in the first post will get the new version.
  17. Captain Murphy
    Hello gents! We have been hard at work on the Unicorn of late and have just released another new version. The largest interesting addition is the ability to use VR! It is not exactly 'smooth' just yet, so be sure to get your settings ironed out BEFORE turning on VR as the gaze controller is just not wanting to work right now.

    On another note, we had to remove the Ceto water system and switch to a new one as the developer has stopped working on it. That ate up a good chunk of time but is finally complete. We also updated the image processing stack to be much more efficient and have more amazing graphics!

    Lastly, if you do not have Itch.io installed, we HIGHLY recommend it. We are now distributing the Unicorn game on Itch.io with automatic patching through their client.

    HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum by Wolf Pack Games Co

    Have a go at the underwater section and meet our new friends there.

    Be sure to try it out and expect quite a few updates coming in the next couple of weeks, including a few model additions and more interesting weather changes.
    Armada and Pieter Boelen like this.
  18. Pieter Boelen
    Screenshots look super cool!

    But that last one doesn't show for some reason.
  19. Captain Murphy
    After many long nights and busy weekends we are proud to announce the release of the HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum version 1.2!

    What’s New
    • The model has been heavily updated.
    • 2 entirely new decks have been added.
    • User controls have been reworked to be more ‘character’ like for the better usage in VR.
    • Particle effects are completely overhauled.
    • VR performance is greatly optimized.
    • Overall performance is much better
    • Lighting is completely overhauled
    • Water is updated and improved for performance
    • and much, much more…
    We are closing in on being able to add in the information placards, audio tracks, guided tour points, and other museum style interactions. We look forward to the feedback on the new model!



    Download from Itch.io now!
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