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New openworld pirate game called Blue Horizon!

Discussion in 'Other Pirate Games' started by Capt. Phil, Aug 17, 2016.


Discussion in 'Other Pirate Games' started by Capt. Phil, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Pieter Boelen
    Overreaction detected! :shock
    Flannery likes this.
  2. Capt. Phil

    Please join in the Poll on the facebook page!

    Update: The Last part of the last level is being constructed.. yeh its getting Real close now!
  3. Capt. Phil
    Anybody with a YouTube channel please contact me! You may be able to get Early Access!
  4. Capt. Phil
    Check out the final trailer guys - we hope you like it!
    A.H and Pieter Boelen like this.
  5. Pieter Boelen
    Some pretty cool and creative stuff in there, mate! :onya
    Capt. Phil likes this.
  6. A.H
    Nice progress. Gonna be on Steam?
    Capt. Phil likes this.
  7. Capt. Phil
    Thanks alot - it was an awful lot of hard work over many years (as im sure all devs understand!)
    It will be on Steam for a low low price! (Once we are happy there are no major bugs..)
    A.H likes this.
  8. Jack Rackham
    Looking forward to play it! :yes
  9. A.H
    Awesome, I'm glad to hear you ain't one of those ripping ppl off for enormous sums! Alot of great games failed because they didn't make sales (Seastedder, eg.)

    Blackwake was abnormally successful despite the $20+ price, but I will wait till it improves a bit, because now it's just one form of gameplay.

    Anyhow, good luck and keep us informed on the link for purchase!
  10. Capt. Phil
    Yeh Blackwake has done very well, im sure it is a fun game, (iv never played it on purpose along with a number of other ones to avoid being influenced and remove from my own creativity).
    Alot of research has gone into the price, the ultra low could be deemed as cheap rubbish, but high price means expectations are really high and people could get dissapointed (no mans sky!). So not too low, and def not too high is key, so it will be.. less than Blackwake for sure, but not $1. Somewhere in the middle, and with a slight launch discount.
    It has also been optimised alot to run on lowest system possible. Most of the video was taken on a Win7, AMD A8 (Intel I3), and a NVidia 7 series, and ran quite well with max settings. Lots of LOD and unloading far away items ect. Numerous people have played it and no one ever reports significant slow down. Over 1100 sentences/phrases have been translated by professionals too, and more languages can be added easily too (as the Russians are fans apparently! -> Игра Blue Horizon )
    A.H and Pieter Boelen like this.
  11. Qwerty631
    Very promising trailer, almost perfect, if not for the fantasy monsters in large numbers. Whatever it was, the game will take a worthy place in my home collection. Good luck with the release!
    Capt. Phil likes this.
  12. Capt. Phil
    Thanks- glad you like it! Its currently being tested by some outsourced people, (for the 3rd time!) no critical bugs known so hopefully releasing soon.
  13. GAZ Vodnik
    Absolutely waiting for it to show up in the store!
    Capt. Phil likes this.
  14. Pieter Boelen

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