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Need Help Playing without save scumming

Discussion in 'Sea Dogs: To Each His Own' started by Ivegonehollow, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Ivegonehollow

    Ivegonehollow Landlubber

    Aug 31, 2017
    Can this game be played without exploiting the good old "I save before a random generated event and load as many times as needed to get the best outcome" trick? I have played Mount and Blade Warband : POP mod on max diff in Iron man (no save) without problems but this game seems something else in the difficulty aspects.
  2. Flame

    Flame Guest

    I always save a gazillion times playing both COAS and this game. I save everytime I think things are gonna get hairy. In COAS you can get different loot each time you play through a different save. For instance the Katana in the Bluebird Quest doesn't appear everytime you beat the ship. Sometimes I will play the same scene a bunch of times before I finally get the Katana.
  3. LarryHookins

    LarryHookins Buccaneer Staff Member Storm Modder

    May 20, 2006
    There is an option where you can only save the game in a church. Maybe that's for people who don't find the game frustrating enough. :)

    I do not see how this game can be played without save scrumming. Not so much to get the best possible outcome, but simply to be able to complete a quest or not die. I have a personal rule: if I'm reloading just to get a different option, I only reload 3 times. I sometimes violate this. But 10 minutes spent save scrumming is 10 minutes not playing the game..


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