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Mod Release PotC: New Horizons - Build 14 Beta 3 Released!

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Pieter Boelen, Sep 29, 2013.

  • by Pieter Boelen, Sep 29, 2013 at 4:56 PM
  • Pieter Boelen

    Pieter Boelen (Not So) Old Seadog Staff Member Administrator Storm Modder Hearts of Oak Donator

    Nov 11, 2004
    Maritime Research: Project Engineer (Analysis)
    Wageningen, The Netherlands

    PotC: New Horizons - Build 14 Beta 3 Released!

    More pirates! More Caribbean! More history! And more seafaring!
    With all game-breaking bugs fixed, existing content finished and several long-awaited features added in, this is easily the most playable and enjoyable version of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean Build Mod ever released!

    Build 14 Beta 3 is now available as a Full Version to be installed on top of the unmodded game or any of the prior modpack versions.

    This includes fixes for some massively annoying problems that have plagued previous releases, such as "quests randomly not executing" and "lost profile on saving". Additionally, a lot of work was done to make this release much more polished than previous ones.

    Improved Interfaces and Customization Options

    02 - Select Storyline.jpg 02 - Select Player Type.jpg

    While Build 13 allowed character and ship selection on a new game, we lost that feature when the Storylines were introduced into the modpack. This functionality has now made a full and improved comeback. And instead of picking from a limited set of choices, you now have the choice out of ALL the content in the game! Various selection filters can help you on your way.

    02 - Select Character.jpg 02 - Select Ship.jpg

    It is even possible to select your own personal and pirate flag from all the flags in the game. Both before starting a new game, but also during the game using the completely revamped Nations Relations interface.

    10 - Nation Relations.jpg 10 - Select Personal Flag.jpg

    In addition to the below, just about all the interfaces have been improved to look better than before, with much of the graphical content being updated and corrected to match up properly throughout the game.

    03 - Dialog.jpg 05 - Ship Berthing.jpg

    For a complete overview of all the improvements made to the game interfaces over the past ten years, refer to the PotC Build Mod: A History in Interfaces article on our official PiratesAhoy! website. This features a complete side-by-side comparison of the old and the new, starting with the stock game ones all the way to the Build 14 versions.​

    Geographically and Historically Accurate Caribbean

    One of the coolest elements introduced with this release is the completely redone worldmap. The unmodded game took place in a complete fictional archipelago and earlier modpack versions made the world vaguely resemble the Caribbean. Well, you can scratch "vaguely" this time!

    WorldMap_new10.1.jpg USAWorldmap.jpg

    All islands are in their proper spots and even the Central American coastline has been added. Additionally, all worldmap flags have been updated to be both period-correct and add the missing ones for the United States of America. This helps a great deal in making the game feel much more real. And the Map Interface also has some new functionality!

    CartagenaFortFlag.jpg Cartagena fort-1.jpg

    Additionally, nearly all islands in the game have been improved. At the very least, they have lighting errors solved, but Saint Martin, Antigua and Curacao have had their towns and forts updated to match with the shore models too. Not to mention that you can sail along the Central American coast using DirectSail too.


    As part of this, the city of Cartagena that was alluded to in previous releases has now been added into the game as a fully functional town. And as icing on the cake, the town's fort is the actual San Felipe fortress that you can also find at the real Cartagena in present-day Colombia.

    epic-1.jpg Treasure Fleet.jpg

    All the ship encounter code has been revised and corrected as well, which results in much greater variety in the encounters while remaining period-correct. Even better, there are now Spanish Treasure Fleets consisting of several heavy-loaded galleons with heavy escort, just waiting for you to make your move!​

    Conquer the Caribbean!

    Getting your crew to follow you where you lead them should be your first step towards world domination. After all, an unhappy crew is a mutinous one! This means that you should make good use of the Double Rum Rations and Divide the Plunder options. And be careful who you assign as captain on your companion ships. If they don't agree with your philosophies on what is right and wrong, you might find yourself with some unexpected enemies!

    Pursuit1.jpg regatta.jpg

    If your capers turn out successful, you may find yourself with several enemy captains as prisoners in your cargo hold. This can also be quite profitable as you can ransom them in ports and get some extra doubloons that way. But will you hoist a false flag and sail into a port of their own nation for the full ransom or would you settle for less a profitable but also less risky visit to a more friendly town?

    And when you're using false flags, be careful where you swap them out! If you do it close to unsuspecting ships, it will be considered treason and you may be recognized for doing so when you wander around in ports later on.

    SeaBattleFort.jpg SeaMyFort.jpg

    But the best part comes when you decide that attacking ships at sea just is not enough. So prepare a battle fleet of huge ships and assault the towns' forts. After you have decimated the town garrison, the governor will be quickly convinced to see things your way. And then it is up to you: sack the town, give it to another nation or have them pronounce you as absolute ruler!​

    Thousand Curses (OK, perhaps not quite that many)

    Every seafarer worth his salt knows that it is bad luck to kill an Albatross. But what about an Albatross that is already dead? Turns out those are even worse! If you encounter these at random, getting rid of them will not be easy. After all, everybody ELSE in the Caribbean knows about this as well and they don't want to bring it upon themselves.
    So will YOU be able to track down the one person who can help you out?

    treasure-2.jpg treasure-1.jpg

    But insatiable greed can bring an even worse curse onto yourself. There is an island that cannot be found, except by those who already know where it is. And on that island is a chest. And in that chest are 882 gold coins. But the heathen gods laid upon the gold a terrible curse for all that would take but a single coin from that chest.

    CursedFleet.jpg CursedFleet2.jpg

    So what happens if you take all 882, then? After all, turning into a super-strong skeleton at night-time could have its uses. Especially if your crew joins in on the fun! After a while, your ship will get a cursed appearance as well, which looks especially fearsome when you have a whole fleet of them. Imagine installing those super-canons on a gunboat. That could make for an interesting challenge!

    Fun Stuff

    Several guns, such as the musket, Jack Sparrow's pistol and Clint Eastwood's "magical" one now allow you to manually aim at your enemies in true First Person Shooter style. Just draw your blade, press Tab and wreak havoc on whoever you feel like placing on the receiving end of some nice lead balls!

    shotgun-1.jpg shotgun-2.jpg
    This feature doesn't photograph well; much more fun in the game!

    And for those who enjoy to blow their enemies to kingdom come, captain Hendrick Vanderdecken, seller of one-of-a-kind ships, now has a new and improved deal. He does not care about the minimum calibre of cannons to be installed on your ship and he's got some massive guns available indeed!

    Heaving Anchor

    The above is, of course, but a very brief and incomplete overview. For full details, refer to the "Build Info.txt" file in your main game folder.

    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
    FlyingGhost and Flannery like this.


Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Pieter Boelen, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Pieter Boelen
    Well, that's just about all I've got inspiration for at the moment. Does anyone have any comments on the above?
    I wouldn't mind some input, because I don't think I am quite doing it justice. :(
  2. Pieter Boelen
    Well, it has been done: All Beta 3 files plus the release article have been submitted to the ModDB and are awaiting authorization.
    If anyone has any comments on changes to the article, better screenshots or anything else, I can still make adjustments though.
    Just let me know!

    I don't think I'm entirely happy with the promotional material that we've got for Beta 3 just yet.
    Perhaps we should post some more stuff after the release. The trailer would be cool for certain!
    And perhaps some articles with screenshots of stuff people experience while playing with the new version.
    That should be fun to read for people. And truth be told, I would like to read that too!

    I've spent a LOT of time and effort on this release and it would be great to see in what ways people manage to have FUN with it!
    That'd go a long way to making this whole thing seem worthwhile. :rolleyes:
  3. Hylie Pistof
    Is it worthwhile? :nerbz Is it enough to say that I play POTC for hours most every day and it has recently gotten much better? :aar
  4. Pieter Boelen
  5. Warith-10
    Thanks for the great mod :)
  6. Merciless Mark
    Very nice, be downloading soon. :)
  7. Fluen
    I'm about to change to Windows 7 or 8. Is the game still functional on those?
  8. Pieter Boelen
    The game works fine, regardless of Windows version.
    Windows Security Stupidity might make the installation a challenge, but you never know until you try.
  9. Armada
    All I'd add to the article is a screenshot of the full world map if possible.
  10. Pieter Boelen
    You want one of the Map Interface or the actual model?
  11. Pieter Boelen
    Adjusted accordingly. I added a bit more text here and there too.
  12. Pieter Boelen
    PotC: New Horizons marked as "Released" on ModDB - Feedback Appreciated!

    Well, I decided it is time to get rid of the "To Be Announced" release date on our modding work.
    This means that people can now vote on it and write reviews. I do hope some people will actually take the time and effort to do so.
    As I said before, I'd quite like to see some proper feedback on this one! :cheers
  13. DarthSCG
    Well right now I'm taking my time trying to download the archive from moddb.
    It appears that the one from the alternate download link got corrupted during download or it actually is missing some files.:shrug
  14. ANSEL
    Need help
    I have made two fresh installations,but i keep getting this error.log every time.

    Attached Files:

  15. ANSEL
    Sorry! Wrong forum i guess.
  16. DarthSCG
    Yep. Those were the files i was talking about: AIDefend.c, AIAbordage.c since engine.exe refuses to start without em. And there's a bunch of textures...
  17. Pieter Boelen
    Then the main ModDB link would be corrupted too, because that was uploaded from the mirror link.
    Something may have gone wrong with uploading. I hope not, but it is always a possibility.
    I am currently uploading another link anyway; perhaps that will be better? Another 3 hours to go.... :modding

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