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Medium Priority Priest updates

Discussion in 'Build Testing List' started by Grey Roger, May 5, 2017.

  1. Grey Roger

    Grey Roger Sea Dog Staff Member Storm Modder

    Feb 12, 2007
    I've been modifying the dialogs for priests so that they don't call you "my son" if you're playing a female character. Most of them are fairly easy - a preprocessed placeholder instead of "son", and a bit of code to fill it in, the code going outside the main "switch" block so it doesn't need to be duplicated at each dialog case.

    There are two priests who needed a bit more work. One is Pater Dominic, the priest on Guadeloupe, who is currently on a vow of silence because he has no dialog files at all! That surprised me, as it was I who put him there back in 2015 and would probably have tested him, but for some reason no dialog files for him exist in any version of Beta 4, or even Beta 3.5, that I can find. The ones attached here are basically a copy of the files for Martinique priest Pater Jourdain, minus the code for the quest about the woman who lost her faith, though the text lines are still there because removing them would mess up the line numbers.

    And then there is Padre Domingues, whose involvement in both the "Tales of a Sea Hawk" storyline and the "Strange Things Going On" sidequest make his dialog files more complex than the standard priest ones. Can someone who is doing "Tales of a Sea Hawk" and/or "Strange Things Going On" please give these ones a try and tell me if he still says what he needs to say?

    Both these, plus all the other modified priest dialogs, will go into the next update zip.

    Attached Files:

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