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Sea of Thieves Cinematic and Gameplay Reveal - Xbox E3 2016

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Thagarr, Jun 14, 2016.


Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Thagarr, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. GAZ Vodnik
    Another Pirate-MMO. Especially one of those, that doesn't seem recommendable without friends to play it with. And there's also Blackwake, which plays similar.

    Oh well, waiting for the next SP-Pirategame (Just like AoP2 or PotC), that isn't a product from small hobby developers, that you likely find on Steam. :unsure
  2. ArmorDonio
    Yarrr, so hyped for this game however all my friends are backstabbing scum so its gonna be a pirate life for me.
  3. Flannery
    Have you heard of Hearts of Oak: Conquest of the seas? :shrug:razz:cheers:keith:pirates:ship
    Hearts of Oak: Conquest of the Seas | PiratesAhoy!

    But anyhow... I actually look forward to this one. Its not realistic, but they dont try to be and i like the cartoonish style.
    I am definitely going to play this :cheers
  4. Pieter Boelen
  5. GAZ Vodnik
    Of course! And I'll wait for the day it's finished!
    But there's a point: Your's isn't finished yet. ;)

    Sorry, I phrased it badly.
    With "products from small hobby developers" I associate low-price games (old graphics/physics optional), that are fun for maybe one weekend, but get boring fast because they lack depth and motivation to play longer - which are mostly results of bugs, unfortunate gameplay- and design choices and not enough content.
    At least that are my experiences.

    So I hope, that we get a pirate game like AoP2/PotC in the scale of an AAA-production one day.
    Flannery and Pieter Boelen like this.
  6. Pieter Boelen
    We all do. :yes
  7. Flannery
    hahaha... I was really just playing with him, as I was sure he did know about HoO.

    And we are not a small hobby developer team... we are a HUGE small hobby developer team, so i knew he was not putting us into that basket...hahhahaha :rofl:rofl:rofl
    Pieter Boelen likes this.

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