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Guide The PotC Build Mod: A History in Interfaces

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Pieter Boelen, Sep 11, 2013.


Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Pieter Boelen, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Pieter Boelen

    Main Menu

    00 - Main Menu.jpg Stock Game

    00 - Main Menu.jpg Build 11: Title changed to "Sea Dogs II" because that is what it was supposed to be in the first place.

    00 - Main Menu.jpg Build 12: Completely new interface graphics. Note that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" title has returned.

    00 - Main Menu Blue.jpg 00 - Main Menu Brown.jpg Build 13: First time there is a choice between Blue and Brown Interfaces.

    00 - Main Menu Blue.jpg 00 - Main Menu Brown.jpg Build 14: Further improved versions of both interfaces. Note also the new brown button graphics.

    Options Menu

    01 - Sailing Mode.jpg Stock Game: Only choice between Arcade and Realistic Sailing Mode.

    01 - Difficulty Level.jpg Build 11: Difficulty Level setting added.

    01 - Sailing Mode.jpg 01 - Interface Settings.jpg Build 13: Additional options under "Sailing Mode" for different on-screen displays and menu added to change the Interface Settings.

    01 - Realism Settings.jpg 01 - Options Menu.jpg 01 - Advanced Options.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: Sailing Mode menu renamed, slight changes to Interface Settings and new Advanced Options menu added.

    01 - Realism Settings.jpg 01 - Interface Settings.jpg 01 - Game Preferences.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Realism Modes completely redone and Interface Settings clarified. Advanced Options renamed to Game Preferences and cleaned up.

    Overview Interfaces

    01 - Interface Overview.jpg Stock Game: Special interface to select different in-game interfaces.

    01 - Interface Overview.jpg Build 11: Plenty custom interfaces added for new gameplay options.

    Note that as per Build 13, these two overviews are no longer in use as we now have tabs to switch between them instead.
    Refer to the screenshots in the next couple of posts.

    However, there is the addition of a modpack feature overview interface instead:

    01 - About Build.jpg Build 13: About Build interface added.

    01 - About Build.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: About Build text updated to be more useful.

    01 - Tips & Tricks.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Replaced with "Tips & Tricks" that should hopefully prove even more worthwhile than the previous editions.
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  2. Pieter Boelen

    Character Customization

    02 - Customization.jpg Stock Game: Well.... Uhm.... nothing. :wp

    02 - Customization.jpg Build 11: Limited model selection allowed through dialog. Also Tailor Shops added into the game for further customization during play.

    02 - Choose Character.jpg Build 13: Choose Character allows limited selection of character and ship models, as well as starting nation.

    02 - Select Storyline.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: Select Storyline replaced the previous interface. No more character and ship modification possible, but you do get different main quests to choose from.

    02 - Select Storyline.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Select Storyline completely redone to look more professional and allow FULL customization of your character.
    Note also the higher quality portrait files and actual in-game screenshots of the ships. United States available as starting nation if applicable.

    02 - Select Character.jpg 02 - Select Ship.jpg 02 - Select Nation.jpg 02 - Select Pirate Flag.jpg 02 - Select Player Type.jpg
  3. Pieter Boelen


    03 - Dialog.jpg Stock Game: Fancy interface with HUGE text.

    03 - Dialog.jpg Build 11: Text sized down.

    03 - Dialog.jpg Build 13: Different Fonts used.

    03 - Dialog.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: Simpler interface added for Brown Interface.

    03 - Dialog.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Above interface redone to look far cleaner and more professional.
  4. Pieter Boelen


    04 - Character.jpg Stock Game: Simple interface allowing skill and ability selection.

    04 - Character.jpg 04 - Select Model.jpg Build 11: Same as before, but ability to have a different character model. Note also that "Land Owned" has been included.

    04 - Select Outfit.jpg 04 - Character.jpg Build 13: Brown version of this interface added, along with brown Choose Outfit one that was originally introduced in Build 11.

    04 - Character.jpg 04 - Abilities.jpg 04 - Select Outfit.jpg 04 - Officer.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Cleaned up character title display and all sorts of changes made over the years to the other interfaces.
    Note also the addition of the "Auto Skill System".


    05 - Ship.jpg Stock Game

    05 - Select Sails.jpg 05 - Crew Rations.jpg 05 - Crew Pay.jpg 05 - Money Transfer.jpg 05 - Ship-to-Ship Transfer.jpg Build 11: Various interfaces added for additional gameplay purposes and customization.

    05 - Ship.jpg 05 - Select Sails.jpg Build 12: National modifiers added to ships and Select Sails updated with categories.

    05 - Ship.jpg 05 - Select Sails.jpg 05 - Crew Rations.jpg 05 - Crew Pay.jpg 05 - Donate.jpg 05 - Ship Berthing.jpg Build 13: Brown versions added for all interfaces, some with movie stills from Cutthroat Island.

    05 - Select Sails.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: Select Sails further updated. Note that these particular sails have since been redone to look far better.

    05 - Ship.jpg 05 - Select Sails.jpg 05 - Crew Rations.jpg 05 - Donate.jpg 05 - Ship Berthing.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Note again the Ship Interface Screenshots at work and the nation crests in use instead of the cartoony flags.
    Many changes made to the appearance of the interfaces to look cleaner and more professional.

    Cargo Hold

    06 - Cargo Hold.jpg Stock Game

    06 - Cargo Hold.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: This is probably the least modified interface of them all. In addition to the Brown Style, the only new feature is the appearance of trade quests and the addition of a couple of new goods types.


    07 - Passengers.jpg Stock Game

    07 - Passengers.jpg Build 13: Prisoners taken while boarding will appear here too.

    07 - Passengers.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Possibility to modify characters' officer types as the three "active" officers are now only used to define the "shore party".

    Quest Book

    08 - Questbook.jpg Stock Game

    08 - Questbook.jpg Build 13: Note also the addition of the "Stormy Start" option that is shown here. That goes a long way to giving the game a more interesting and varied start.

    08 - Questbook.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: All nation crests are now shown, including your own custom personal and pirate flag and the United States if they exist based on the Time Period.

    Trade Book

    09 - Trade Book.jpg Stock Game

    09 - Trade Book.jpg Build 13: Brown version with animated background. Prices update only when you visit a store.

    09 - Colonies.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Renamed to "Colonies" with a "Manage" button added in preparation of Capture Colonies to be finished.

    Ship's Log

    Tavern News.jpg Ship's Log.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: These interfaces show stats on your playing, as well as random events occurring in the game world.
    New feature as per Build 14.

    Nation Relations

    10 - Nation Relations.jpg Stock game: Very simplistic and shows only relations to player, not between nations.

    10 - Nation Relations.jpg Build 11: Completely redone to show relations between nations as well.

    10 - Nation Relations.jpg Build 13: Brown version added as well as the ability to fly your Personal Flag.

    10 - Nation Relations.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: Period-correct crests used instead of flags.

    10 - Nation Relations.jpg 10 - Select Personal Flag.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Second complete overhaul to provide an instant overview. Also allows customization of your Pirate and Personal Flag.

    Inventory and Maps

    11 - Inventory.jpg Stock Game

    11 - Inventory.jpg 11 - Archipelago Map.jpg Build 13: Many items added, including the Special Weapons Assembly Kit. Also a separate Map interface added to show where all the islands are.
    Note that the worldmap is changed substantially from the original game.

    11 - Inventory.jpg 11 - Archipelago Map.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: Tabs added for improved overview. Additional, simplified map map interface added.
    Note that all islands and towns now have their real Caribbean names and no longer any fantasy ones from the original game.

    11 - Inventory.jpg 11 - Inventory Items.jpg 11 - Inventory Maps.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Many different items available, including various buyable maps.

    11 - Archipelago Map.jpg 11 - Archipelago Map Info.jpg Note also the completely redone and accurate Worldmap, including new interface and additional information by right-clicking.
    Interface now also shows the destination of various types of random quests.
  5. Pieter Boelen

    Store and Item Transactions

    12 - Store.jpg 13 - Items.jpg Stock Game

    12 - Store.jpg Build 13: "Auto Trade" button added to reduce time spent in the interface screens that can be better used elsewhere.

    12 - Store.jpg 13 - Items.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Tabs added for item group similar to the Inventory screen. Many new types of items added.

    Crew Hire

    15 - Crew.jpg Stock Game

    15 - Crew.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Never really changed, just updated for the Brown Interface and slightly cleaned up.


    14 - Shipyard.jpg 14 - Cannons.jpg Stock Game

    14 - Shipyard.jpg 14 - Cannons.jpg Build 13: As per usual, these were "browned up". Note the added ship types, the "Class Too High" note and the National Design.

    14 - Shipyard.jpg 14 - Cannons.jpg 14 - Ship Upgrades.jpg 14 - Appearance.jpg Build 14 Beta 1: Two totally new interfaces added for Ship Upgrades and Ship Appearance.
    Cannons interface updated to allow purchase and selling of separate cannons. Tabs added to switch between the various options.

    14 - Shipyard.jpg 14 - Cannons.jpg 14 - Appearance.jpg Build 14 Beta 3: Various updates made, most notably the Ship Interface Screenshots.
  6. Pieter Boelen
    Well, that's it gentlepeople! It'd always be nice to hear some feedback on any of the above.
    What changes do you like the most, for example? :cheers
  7. Armada
    This is quite a fascinating comparison; I'm surprised you had the time to do such a thing. :shock

    Four things stood out to me:
    1) The Build 13 Archipelago Map interface looks much nicer than the B14 Beta 3 version, to me. Not just the map itself, but the background compliments it better.
    The Beta 3 interface looks a little 'washed out' in comparison.
    2) Similarly to the above, I kind of prefer the Build 13 Quest Book interface. That looks a bit easier on the eyes. It would be pretty cool if we could return to that background texture and somehow arrange the text into two columns (or have a menu on the left and text on the right), even though that might be difficult to achieve.
    3) ENB really ruins the interfaces! The glow effects make everything far too bright. Now I remember why I haven't used ENB for a long time.
    4) Widescreen woes. Once we've released Beta 3, I really think we should focus on making a widescreen-friendly interface option.
    On that note, I'd also be interested to run a poll to see who still uses an old 4:3 ratio monitor...

    Generally speaking, though, it's clear from these screenshots that the Beta 3 interfaces really do look fantastic.
    The improvements we've made over the years are incredible. :cheers
  8. Hylie Pistof
    There certainly have been a lot of changes over the years. Maybe it's time to look at the blue interface again.
  9. Bava
    Blue interface? Did I ever play a unmodded PotC? Can´t remember...;P
    And yeah, the build 13 map was a really nice, I´m with Armada on that one.
    The rest of the beta 3 pics are a vast improvement over previous builts, though.

    Thanks for the comparison, Pieter!
  10. Pieter Boelen
    That chart wasn't accurate for navigation, though. Perhaps Jaco can arrange something that would work?

    Two columns? OUCH! DIFFICULT!!! :shock
    I do like the new one. VOC logo! :dance
    It is perhaps a bit too yellow though....
  11. Ryu
    This is beautiful - not only are you guys modders - but artists to create something as high caliber from a simple game. Keep up the hard work guys :) it's very appreciated!
  12. Pieter Boelen
    I had been thinking of doing it for quite some time. May be able to use some of it for the Beta 3 release article at some point.
    And at least it can hopefully build some anticipation for that release.
    Not to mention that usually interface updates don't really show very well because you don't see what it used to be.

    Hmm, I don't mind it. Yesterday I was experimenting with having it on and off and I do prefer it on myself.
    Did you know that Shift+F12 toggles it on/off when you've got it installed? Allows you to instantly see the difference.

    As long as I don't have to do it. :wp
    Would that be for the blue or the brown interface? Or both? That'd be quite a lot of double work if both.

    We should indeed figure out what aspect ratio people use at some point. If most people use widescreen, we could just go with that as Build Default and be done with it.
    Would at least save us the (BIG!) trouble of adding some sort of toggle.
  13. Jason
    We have come a long way baby! I lie the wide screen.
  14. Talisman
    I think you have missed the Ship Berthing screens from the shipyard section.

    P.S. Ship Berthing does not appear to be working in the latest Beta 3 test:shrug
  15. Pieter Boelen
    Ship Berthing is under the "Ship" section above, not Shipyard. There are two screenshots there, but I didn't actually test it.
  16. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    I still prefer the Build 12 Main Menu with the gold coins :woot
  17. Pieter Boelen
    I agree that one was pretty darn good. The new ones are rather simple.
  18. Ovro
    I'm going to attempt a total interface overhaul.

    Going to attempt some slicker, more stylish, transparent black boxes.
    With an overall much neater font.
    Sorry.. Can't stand.. The font. LOL. ;)
  19. Triglav
    Fantastic comparison pics! Excellent progress. I'm well impressed.
    Pieter Boelen likes this.

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