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A girl won in a card game

Jul 10, 2016
A girl won in a card game
  • This walkthrough was created using Build 14 Beta 02-1 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    Pieter Boelen’s explanation of how quest triggered:-

    By the looks of it, the quest is triggered if a player attribute reaches 40 and you need at least 100 gold.

    This attribute increases for every time you win a game in the gambling interface and it increases quicker if you've got a high luck skill. It decreases if you lose a game.

    And by the looks of it, it also decreases for every move you make, which seems confused to me.


    Thanks for your explaniation of the trigger- I think I understand it.

    When you play with the gamblers in the taverns

    The gambling interface monitors how well you play,

    awards points for wins,

    deducts points if you loose,

    if you play badly (need lots of moves to win) it deducts points

    the number of points awarded is higher if you have a high Luck skill.

    100 gold is the minimum bet in the gambling interface.

    When you get to 40 points the quest is triggered and offered by the gamblers in the taverns

    However there is no way of knowing how near or far away from the 40 points you are.

    Pieter’s reply:

    Oh... you probably CAN see what the "counter" is on. Just execute this through console:

    LogIt ("Girl in card game counter = " + pchar.quest.gambling);

    WARNING - This Quest will ONLY trigger in the taverns from the original game, but not any of the mod-added ones. SO it will only work on Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, Bonaire, Grenada, Puerto Rico and Nevis Pirate Settlement.

    When you go and talk to a gambler in a tavern – instead of the normal dialogue you will get offered this quest instead.

    Summary of starting dialogue:

    Gambler :- Do you want to play some dice. I’ve got money to loose

    You :- Really you don’t look like it

    Gambler :- I’ve got something to bet

    You:- Your coat

    Gambler :- No I’ve got some Loot

    You:- What are you hiding

    Gambler :- Lets go to a room

    You agree to this – Automatically walk after gambler – transported to room – gambler talks to you – gamble with him or Kill him.

    Virginie D’Espivant talks to you – choose Either RANSOM HER or HELP HER

    RANSOM HER – call crewman to take her to ship – ( on passenger screen (F2) becomes a prisoner in hold ) – At Port you will be challenged by someone who wants to buy her from you - Sell her – Yes / No. – If yes then Quest Closed

    Sail to St Pierre, Martinique – go and talk to Governor in town hall ransom Virginie.France become hostile Virginie leaves when you set sail - Quest Closed

    HELP HER – say she is free – offer to help her find fiancé Raymond Bouchez

    Virginie D’Espivant becomes a passenger and fades away

    Sail to St Pierre, Martinique. – Go to tavern – on entering automatically walk to Raymond Bouchez Virginie D’Espivant appears

    Automatic talk between Virginie D’Espivant , Raymond Bouchez and a woman

    Automatically walk out of tavern - Virginie D’Espivant talks to you outside

    Go and see Governor - hand her over ( say she is your honoured guest ) given 4,000 plus French relations improved

    Quest Closed