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Gold Bug Part 3

Oct 7, 2015
Gold Bug Part 3
  • The Gold Bug Part 3

    Into the unknown (top)

    Bishop’s Hostel (1)(top)

    • Jupiter joins you when you have left the Plantation. From the Town gate it’s the first exit to the right. (not the lake path, earlier)
    • In the Swamp turn left and enter the Log-house.
    • There’s a Rope to find here. Take it.
    • Go back to the Swamp and turn left. You’ll see a small gang of Maroons but they’re just watching you.
    • Enter the Cave, you’ll find two locked doors. Close to one of them is a Rope from an opening above.
    • Try the Rope exit: you need a Ladder.
    • In the chest closest to this Rope you can pick up a Lever.
    • Go back to the Cave entrance where you come from. Very near you see a Bridge over water.
    • With the steplock at the other end of the Bridge you can let the Cave water in/out. Empty the Cave from water.
    • Now go down under the Bridge. The Ladder is stuck somehow. The Barrel is too heavy to push.
    • In the chest in the nearby niche you find a Corkscrew.
    • With the Corkscrew you can empty the Barrel. Put the Cork back in the Barrel.
    • Push the Barrel to the other end of the Ladder.
    • And push it back under the end of the Ladder.
    • If you now flood the Cave again the Barrel will lift the Ladder up to the surface. But now it gets stuck under the Bridge.
    • So water out and go down and pick up the Ladder.
    • Go back to the Rope exit. Tie the Ladder to the Rope.
    • Go up and pull up the Ladder. Place it at the Gibbet.
    • Climb up and attach the Rope to the Gibbet.
    • Climb down the Rope: it’s far too short! Up again.
    • Take the Ladder and extend the Rope with it. Now climb all the way to the ground.
    • The Bridge is broken so that way is stopped. Remove the Plank from the Cave door by using the Lever.
    • Take the Plank and repair the Bridge with it. Jupiter joins you.
    • The Gate is closed. Go instead to the right. Climb the wooden steps and place the Lever.
    • Lever down: Gate goes up but when you get close the Lever falls to the ground and the Gate goes down again.
    • Find the Lever in the grass: Jupiter takes over the Lever.
    • Go to the Gate again and Jupiter opens it. Pass through and it closes behind you. You decide to go on alone.
    • Take to the left over the cliffs and you’ll find Bishop’s Hostel.
    • Leave the shore and walk up to the inland. Soon you’ll see the Rock.
    • Search for a way up on the right side of the Rock. (The path on the left side is a dead end.)
    • Finally at Devil’s Seat you realize you need a Compass, a Sextant and a Spyglass.
    • Go down by “walking the plank”.
    • Return to the shore and go to the right end of it.
    • Return to the Bridge location and Jupiter opens the Gate for you.
    • Pass through the Cave and run into the Maroons a little later. They let you pass (this time) thanks to Jupiter.
    • Return to Charleston and find the Store. It’s next to Mr Poe’s house.
    • You decide that Jupiter will go to Fort Moultrie for Spyglass while you try the luck with a Mr Pym in Charleston.Switch to Jupiter.

    Fort Moultrie (spyglass)(top)

    • As Jupiter go to the Port and take the boat to Sullivan Island.
    • Go to Moultrie village and enter the Fort.
    • East tower: go as high up as you can. Get Lieutenant G’s housekey.
    • Go down, unlock his house and search his office.
    • Find an American flag in one of the chests. Take it.
    • East tower: go up to the first floor and out through the open door.
    • Walk on the wall to the South tower.
    • Go up to the roof. Place and raise the flag.
    • A Spyglass falls out of the rolled flag. Pick it up.
    • Return all the way to Charleston and Mr Poe’s bedroom. Wait here for the others to arrive. Switch to Legrand.

    Arthur Gordon Pym(top)

    • As Legrand find Mr Pym outside the Tailors shop very near Chinatown.
    • Search for a ladder opposite Mr Dupin’s office. Reach Mr Pym’s house over the roofs of Charleston.
    • Pym’s drawing room: you can’t pick up any of the book collections because you don’t have anything to carry them in.
    • A secret door via one of the book shelves leads to Pym’s bedroom.
    • Find a bottle of Rum in a cupboard.
    • Try the Rope: you need something heavy here.
    • Go back to the drawing room and exit through the double doors.
    • Go down to the Tailor’s shop: the door to town is locked.
    • Go instead behind the counter and step on the basket with flour to reach the locker with the Anchor.
    • Go back to the bedroom and place the Anchor on the floor below the Rope.
    • Tie the Rope to the Anchor and the painting goes up.
    • A secret bookshelf here: pick up “Moby Dick” and examine it closely.
    • Remove the Rope from the Anchor to unlock the drawing room door.
    • When you’ve found the Key go down to the Tailor and unlock the door to the town.
    • Follow Mr Pym inside. Find him in the bedroom where he has unlocked to his Study.
    • Go upstairs to the Study: there’s a locked hatch in the ceiling, a steplock on the table and more bookshelves.
    • In the chest near the door is an empty sack. Use it to collect the three book collections in this room.
    • Try placing it on the steplock: not heavy enough.
    • Go down to the drawing room and add two more book piles.
    • Now when it’s filled place the sack on the steplock in the Study again: the hatch opens.
    • Climb the ladder to the small attic chamber.
    • Not much here but something’s hidden behind the open hatch.
    • Go to the right end of the curtain and move it aside.
    • And once again: pick up the Boom in the window.
    • Use the Boom to force the hatch down.
    • Find the Sextant in the small locker on the wall.
    • Now you are locked in – the hatch can’t be opened. Try the window: it can’t be opened.
    • Try using the Boom to bend open the hatch. The only result is that the Boom brakes.
    • You have to try something completely different: Make a roll of the paper with the drawing.
    • Fill it up with gunpowder and equip it.
    • Place the roll on the hatch.
    • Use your tinderbox to set fire to it. Here you must hurry and take cover in the corner behind the bookshelf.
    • Bang and the hatch is blown away. Go down and return all the way to Jupiter in Mr Poe’s house.
    • Jupiter gives you the Spyglass and Mr Poe arrives and provides you with a Compass.

    Bishop’s Hostel (2)(top)

    • Leave Poe’s house and Charleston on the jungle side.
    • Continue all the way to the Cave entrance. It’s locked.
    • Go back and try the Log-house instead.
    • A mystery monk disappears into the house. Inside you find the floor hatch open.
    • In the Hideout: enter the Cabin and pick up the Cave Key from one of the hammocks.
    • Return to and unlock the Cave.
    • Pass the Bridge: you notice that the wooden steps to the lever position are removed.
    • Jupiter comes up with the idea of using the Ladder to reach the Lever. Climb the mountain (any way). Pick up the Ladder and go down into the Cave.
    • Place the Ladder where the wooden steps used to be.
    • Pick up the Lever from the grass. Jupiter runs to be ready with the Plank at the Gate.
    • Place the Lever and open the Gate.
    • Go near the Gate and the Lever falls again. But this time Jupiter’s there and stops the Gate with the Plank.
    • After the Gate you see that the Maroons are blocking the way to Bishop’s Hostel. Jupiter has seen a Raft at the shore under the Bridge. Follow him back to check that out.
    • Go out on the Bridge to get a better view: you think it’s just to follow the shore all the way to the Raft.
    • Pass the Gate and be sure to stay clear from the Maroons or they’ll attack you.
    • Go down to the water and continue as far as you can get to the right.
    • Continue off-pist to the Raft and sail to Bishop’s Hostel.
    • Find your way up to the Devil’s Seat again.
    • With the navigation items you’ve got you can see a Skull nailed to a Tree using the Spyglass.
    • Go down and search the only Tree with a brown stem.
    • Go close to the Tree and Jupiter climbs it: he finds the Skull and yes this is the right Tree.
    • You need Tools, Weapons and Mr Poe’s help so return to Charleston. Sail with the Raft back to the shore at the Bridge.
    • The Maroons are gone??
    • Passing through the Gate you see they were not!
    • Very carefully back off to the other side of the Gate and Jupiter closes it. Ha!
    • A thug jumps down behind you. Jupiter takes care of him and you pick up the thug’s Spade.
    • Run to the Raft before the Maroons have opened the Gate.
    • Sail away. Finally you find the entrance to the Hideout.
    • Try the stairs to the Log-house. Locked.
    • Try the Cabin. No exit there.
    • Check the Crate that looks different from the others on the platform. Jupiter smashes it to pieces with his so far unknown Kung Fu skills.
    • Walk on the Steplock that was hidden under the Crate: something is opened.
    • Enter the Cabin again and see that a bookshelf has been removed and a door made visible.
    • Exit through the door and you’ll get to the Cave. Continue all the way back to Mr Poe’s bedroom.
    • He’s not here but the floor hatch is left open...
    • Go down and find Mr Poe in the Landlady’s room (bed).
    • Go upstairs again and wait for Mr Poe to get dressed. You decide to split company: Jupiter’s going home to the hut, you to Fort Moultrie and Mr Poe will try the church.

    Legrand’s hut and boathouse(top)

    • Leave Charleston and go to Sullivan Island. Jupiter joins you.
    • Go to the entrance of Moultrie village. Switch to Jupiter.
    • As Jupiter go home to Legrand’s hut. In the Food cellar pick up three Empty sacks.
    • Exit to the Backyard and go up to the Attic.
    • Find two more sacks on the benches.
    • Try the Chest: you need something sharp to open it.
    • In one of the Jars you find a Chest Key.
    • Go back to the house and use the Key on the weapons locker downstairs.
    • Take one Musketoon and the Machete.
    • Return to the Attic: use the Machete to open the Chest.
    • Take the three last sacks. You hear the sound of a falling tree.
    • Try the door: no it’s blocked.
    • Try the window instead and go down.
    • If you now have got one Musketoon and eight Empty sacks go to the Boathouse.
    • Equip the Boat with sails and leave to Bishop’s Hostel.
    • You’re first to arrive so you have to wait for the others. Switch to Legrand.

    Fort Moultrie (revolver)(top)

    • As Legrand go to the Fort and search for the Barracks. It’s the stonehouse with off-duty soldiers outside.
    • Lieutenant G gives you the Key to the Gate tower.
    • Enter the East tower and go all the way up to the roof.
    • Climb and jump down to the lower wall and continue to the North tower.
    • Just pass right through it and walk on a new shorter wall.
    • Unlock the Gate tower stairs and pass over the Gate.
    • On the other side pick up the Ladder and place it so you can reach the upper door.
    • Enter the Gate tower and talk to the Sergeant.
    • You trade away some of your items for a bunch of Keys and a Note.
    • Exit via the West tower and go instead to the Fort prison.
    • In the Prison you have to lock the cell-doors in a specific order. If L1 means the first door on your left side the order is: L1 L2 R3 R1 L3 L2
    • The door opposite the entrance door opens. Go upstairs to the Armory.
    • The Corporal gives you a Revolver, Ammo and a Rope.
    • When he leaves he forgets about you and locks the door. Seek another way out by using the stairs in the Armory.
    • When you try to leave the Fort you are teleported to the outskirts of Charleston.
    • You have to wait here for Mr Poe. Switch to Poe.


    • As Poe go to talk to the Priest outside the Church.
    • Follow him to the Sacristy. He gives you Holy Water and a mission: find his Hymn Book.
    • The way into the Church starts from a Ladder leading up to the town terrace. You find it at one end of the street merchants.
    • Here you meet the Medicine Woman. She gives you Calabashes (antidote) and Herbs (healing).
    • Follow the Terrace and enter the Wine cellar. It soon changes to an old Mine.
    • The Zombies in here can only be defeated with the Holy Water. Don’t let them touch you or you get poisoned. When they “die” the wake up as Skeletons. Holy Water for them too.
    • The Church: check the Collection Box and the Chest. Both are locked.
    • Find the Basket in the second row of benches.
    • Examine it and the Knitting too. Now you have a Ball of Twine and Needles.
    • The Altar contains of four cupboard doors and six drawers. Check all. You should find:a Bottle of Wine, a Pair of Pliers and a Book.
    • Examine the Hymn Book until you find the Love Letters.
    • Equip either the Pliers or the Needles to make some Lockpick Tools.
    • Use them to open the Chest. Take everything inside.
    • Equip either the Twine or the Magnet to combine them.
    • Use this “Tool” to fish for the Key in the Collection Box.
    • The exit to the Sacristy is behind one of the Confessional Boxes.
    • Go to the Brothel gate. It’s opposite to Mr Dupin’s office. The gate is locked.
    • Go around the house and look for another entrance. When under the Balcony a girl throws the Brothel Key down to you.
    • Unlock and enter the Brothel. Go upstairs to the Balcony.
    • You get a Package in exchange for the Priest’s Love Letter.
    • Examine it closely. Equip the Pistol.
    • Continue examine the Pistol Case: a Cartridge Box and a Percussion Caps Box.
    • Open (examine) both enables loading the Pistol.
    • Join Mr Legrand outside the town. Switch to Legrand.

    Bishop’s Hostel (3)(top)

    • As Legrand go to the Cave.
    • The entrance to the Hideout is blocked by water. Go back to the steplock and let the water out.
    • Enter the Hideout and take the Raft to Bishop’s Hostel.
    • Go to the Tree and Jupiter climbs it.
    • When he has lowered the Gold-Bug to the ground pick it up.
    • Open the inventory and examine the Cipher. (50 feet)
    • When Poe has walked 50 feet join him.
    • Jupiter digs a hole but it’s empty. Something’s wrong so go back to the Tree again.
    • Poe walks another 50 feet and you join him again.
    • Dig a hole: Two skeletons and something under.
    • Go close and remove the skeletons.
    • Dig deeper and the top of a Chest appears. Poe brakes it open with the Pickaxe and there’s a little dance number.
    • When Jupiter has given you Empty Sacks it’s possible to take some of the Treasure inside the Chest.
    • Go to the Boat and load the three sacks.
    • Return to the Chest and repeat the Boat loading.
    • The third time Jupiter can manage to carry the Chest. Load all to the vessels and enter yourself.
    • Take the rudder and sail to the Boathouse.
    • The Maroons attack here in two waves. Defeat them all.
    • Loot them and continue home.
    • Next morning: go downstairs and the Treasure is moved to the Attic.
    • Examine all the Loot in the Weapons locker and in the other group of Chests downstairs.
    • Exit to the Backyard and continue to the Attic: examine the TREASURE!!!
    • Go downstairs again: Poe has fallen asleep.
    • Pick up his document and examine it.

    The End