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New Horizon Quests

Oct 27, 2013
New Horizon Quests

    Side Quests

    There are several side quests from the game's Original Story - Tales of a Sea Hawk - Original Game Story Walkthrough that are now ( from Beta 3) available to play in other story lines.

    in the following stories:

    • Master & Commander
    • Devlin Opera
    • The Buccaneer
    • Tales of a Chevalier

    The following Side Quests are available

    Main Story Quests



    Face 412.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough): Assassin Quest Walkthrough
    Johan Elting is a former Dutch soldier. Regarded by his peers as a good fighter, he left the army tired of this life. He decided to become a smuggler in order to earn much more money. However, he doesn't know soon he will be one of the most feared mercenaries working for the Spaniards. Will he accept this new status for a long time? 

    Storyline, where you're playing as Johan Elting. Story starts on 15 April, 1665 Kralendijk (Douwesen) port. 


    Face 189.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough): Bartolomeu Walkthrough

    In the year 1660, Portugal had been at war with Spain for over twenty years. Once one of the main superpowers on the high seas, Portugal was now a part of the Spanish Empire. Struggling for independance, the Portuguese government handed out many letters of marque in an attempt to turn the tide. It is in this world in turmoil that Bartolomeu decided to leave his beloved country and take his chances in the New World. Little did he know that he would soon become the most famous Portuguese pirate in history, feared by the Spanish and hailed by his countrymen.

    Storyline, where you're playing as Bartolomeu o Portugues. Story starts on April 15, 1660 - Port au Prince port. 

    Devlin Opera

    Face 292.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough): 
    A quest that leads you to find long lost family members, and a vast treasure... that is, if you can survive! Along the way you will encounter a band of rather colourful characters who will help you on your journey. You will get the choice whose help you want, each character offering a different style in achieving your goal.

    Storyline, where you're playing as Blaze Devlin. Story starts on April 15, 1550 - Santiago la Vega (Redmond) port. 


    Face 210.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough): Hornblower Quest Walkthrough

    As a seventeen-year-old with a touch for seasickness, young Horatio Hornblower hardly cuts a dash in His Majesty's Navy. Yet from the moment he is ordered to board the Indefatigable, he proves his seafaring mettle on the waves. With a character-forming duel, several chases and some strange tavern encounters, the young Hornblower is soon forged into a formidable man of the sea.

    Storyline, where you're playing as Horatio Hornblower. Story starts on April 15, 1793 - Port Royal (Redmond) port. 

    Legend of Jack Sparrow

    Face 418.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough):  Legend of Jack Sparrow - Hoist the Colours Quest Walkthrough

    A lot has been speculated about the early days of Jack Sparrow and we're not even sure if this particular account is entirely accurate. It does explain some of the events that shaped this infamous pirate, but the journey can take multiple twists and turns depending on your choices, which may or may not end with you sailing into the sunset after lifting the Curse of the Black Pearl.

    Storyline, where you're playing as Jack Sparrow. Story starts on April 15, 1740 - Cayman port. 

    New Horizons

    Face 16.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough):  Tales of a Sea Hawk - Original Game Story Walkthrough

    As a brave corsair you're destined to fight treacherous governors and very, very evil pirate chief. You can buy that story if you like; you're free to lie yourself that size of the ship and number of cannons count. You can try to convince yourself that you fight for riches and glory. But, in fact, everything goes to answering one, the only true question: will you manage to attract Danielle and bring her back to you again?

    Storyline, where you're playing as Nathaniel Hawk. Story starts on April 15, 1750 - Speightstown (Oxbay) port. 

    Tales of a Chevalier

    Face 445.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough): Tales of a Chevalier Walkthrough

    A French nobleman in search of ways to repay his gambling debts.

    Storyline, where you're playing as Jean de la Croix. Story starts on February 12, 1690 - Punta de Maisi Beach Cuba

    Woodes Rogers

    Face 488.jpg

    (Detailed (Walkthrough): Woodes Rogers Walkthrough -- QUEST RELEASED WITH BUILD 14 Beta 2

    "In 1717 Rogers was appointed Royal Governor of the Bahamas where he helped suppress piracy in the Caribbean by offering caught pirates pardons. Many notorious pirates accepted this while others were hunted down and killed. The Golden Age of Piracy is about to end and Woodes Rogers, now retired, is living in Port Royale. The rumour has it that he is looking for adventurers. There is only one small problem with your crew..."; 

    Storyline, where you're playing as Howard Pyle. Story starts on December 26, 1724 - Aboard Ship.