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Nigel Blythe (Quest)

Sep 9, 2015
Nigel Blythe (Quest)
  • This walkthrough was created using Build 14 Beta 3-5 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    This quest and the Artois Voysey (quest) begin automatically the 1st time you enter the Pirate Settlement on Nevis


    Enter Pirate Settlement, Nevis. – Automatically walk to 2 men fighting - Nigel Blythe talks to you


    1) Fight and Kill Nigel Blythe – you get Artois (see separate QUEST ) Artois Voysey (Quest)

    2) Let Nigel Kill Artois - you get Nigel (THIS QUEST)

    Nigel asks to join your crew asks for 3,000 – say Yes/No

    If No he will wait in settlement for you – when you ask him again he will only ask for 300.

    Hire Nigel

    Sail to Port Royale, Jamaica – talk to self on jetty – Quest Book update.

    Go to tavern – Nigel upstairs talking to smuggler. – Talk to Nigel – Agree to deal

    Sail to San Juan, Puerto Rico. – Go and Talk to Storekeeper – say you have information – a delivery of Chocolate – Get Paid.

    Sail to Grenada – Talk to self on jetty – Quest Book update.

    Go to tavern – talk to Nigel – want you to sink Mean Harry ( Shuggy Garry) within a month.

    Sail for a fight with pirate Frigate ( the large pirate ship off south coast of Grenada )

    Sink or capture the ship – go and collect reward from Governor – Pay Taxes

    Nigel has to be the captain of a ship for the next part of the quest to work (ship must be better than Class 7)


    Sail to Bonaire – on Land Ho a pirate ship is waiting for you - Quest book update

    NOTE:- (if Nigel is not a captain of a ship the pirate ship will not be there)

    Fight the Pirate ship – sink or capture.

    On jetty at Kralendijk Port, Bonaire – 3 smugglers walk up and talk to you. – Nigel talks to you

    Fight and kill the smugglers ( Keep Nigel alive if he dies – Quest Over)

    Talk to Nigel after fight – tell him no more tricks – send him back to his ship.

    NOTE:-- if Nigel has wrong ship class then quest book will not update on Land Ho at Puerto Rico. & quest Fails.

    Sail to Puerto Rico, on Land Ho, Quest Book updates.

    On Jetty San Juan, Puerto Rico. – Quest Book updates

    Go and talk to tavernkeeper – leave tavern turn right go through gates on right – talk to Ermegido Caminero.

    Sail to Pirate Settlement, Nevis. – Go to tavern – on entering Friedrich Maxwell talks to you – Quest book update

    Go to store- talk to storekeeper about Clauss – Quest Book update

    Go back to tavern – talk to Clauss – joins your crew as officer/passenger - quest book update

    Sail to Bonaire – at Kralendijk – go through town to jungle – go to waterfall – go and fight way through cave under waterfall and out onto beach with wreck.

    On beach fight Nigel and bandits – given 50,000 and get pistol from chest in wreck.

    Quest Closed