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Woodes Rogers (08) - Cave Shore

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (08) - Cave Shore

  • Cave Shore(top)

    You are at another part of the so well-known shore.

    A falling tree blocks the way back to the Sacristy.

    The Blue Cavern is locked and so is the Cannon Tower.

    There is a Wood Tower on a cliff but no way to get there.

    Two boats have been run ashore by the storm.

    Under one of them a Red Chest is stuck.

    George Lowther(top)

    • There is a Ladder floating in the water. Pick it up.
    • Place the Ladder under the Wood Tower and enter.
    • Pick up the Megaphone on the table. George Lowther leaves. At the shore he offers help to lift the boat.

    Upstairs in the Wood Tower you find a locked chest.

    A small cannon can not be fired (yet). You’re Gunpowder is all wet.

    Thomas Cocklyn(top)

    • You use the megaphone by ‘drawing it like a blade’, try on the shore.
    • Go near the metal door to the Blue Cavern and your megaphone is auto-activated. A Pirate Captain opens the Cannon Tower from inside. Thomas Cocklyn joins the others on the shore.
    • On the bottom floor you find dry Gunpowder and a Bosun’s Pipe. Pick up all this.

    On the top floor one Musket Lever is missing.

    Francis Spriggs(top)

    • Try the Bosun’s Pipe on the shore. You can call the Captains with it.
    • Go back to the Wood Tower and upstairs to the Cannon. Load it with dry Gunpowder and fire. Francis Spriggs arrives but continues to the shore.
    • Go outside to the balcony and up the next stairs. You see a hatch in the ceiling but it’s too high up.

    Christopher Winter(top)

    • You notice also the Musket over the stairs. Balance on the edge to it. Pick it up.
    • Now go back to the Cannon Tower and place the missing Musket Lever.
    • Push it and it’s open to the Blue Cavern. When you go outside Christopher Winter has already left the Cavern and is waiting on the shore.

    Phineas Bunce(top)

    • Go inside the Cavern and pick up the Boathook.
    • Go all the way to the top floor in the Wood Tower.
    • Use the Boathook to pull down the ladder from the ceiling.
    • Climb up through the hatch.
    • Pick up the Spyglass on the outside.
    • Use the Spyglass and zoom to the boat on land. A Pirate Captain is lying inside it.
    • Go to the boat and step up to the stone.
    • Equip your Anchor and hit hard on the side of the boat. Phineas Bunce wakes up and jumps down on the shore.

    John Gow(top)

    • He drops a Key in the sand. Pick it up.
    • Use the Key on the (flag)chest in the Wood Tower. Under the stairs.
    • Pick up the Jolly Roger.
    • Go all the way to the top of the Wood Tower. Continue even further than earlier to the flagpole.
    • Raise the Pirate Flag and a ship signals with a cannon shot.
    • Use your spyglass to zoom in the ship. You hope they’re sending a boat with someone ashore.
    • Go down to the Shore and meet John Gow, just arrived from the ship.
    • Go to the Red Chest and step up to the stone.
    • Use your Bosun’s Pipe to call the Captains to their positions.
    • Use it until they have lifted the boat for you.
    • Pick up the Red Chest.
    • Place it where it belongs, in the Blue Cavern.
    • Lock the Chest as earlier and lift it up on its hook. You have opened for Charles Vane and his guys.