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Woodes Rogers (09) - Revenge

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (09) - Revenge

  • To Rogers’ Port(top)

    • Go to the outside of the church and talk to Charles Vane. He plans a night raid.
    • Go back to the Blue Cavern. A ladder is placed here.
    • Go up the ladder to the Lower Shaft, continue up the short ladder and just keep on walking all the way back to the mine. After some talking it’s decided you have to let them out (again).
    • Go via the Food Supply, The Kitchen, the Bootyroom to Friday’s room.
    • Exit through a window.
    • Cat burglar: You are about to fall at one time. Be very quick to climb to a safer place or you’ll die here!
    • Go through the Tavern out in the city. Defoe shows the way to the Shipyard. Claire Voyant opens for you.
    • Follow the Pirate Captains to Rogers’ Port.

    The Corvette Attack(top)

    • Follow the Pirates when they are swimming to the ships.
    • Goods have been moved so you can go from the yellow Cannon Deck to Crew Quarters.
    • Pick up a Barrel in one of the small Cabins.
    • Continue to the back in the Corvette to the Lower (small) Cabin.
    • Place the Barrel, to step on, right under the toilet.
    • Climb up but be very careful now. You have Selkirk right behind you but two guards are waiting to ambush you. Defeat them.

      On weather deck you hear the enemies drink and shout.

    • Place your Anchor at the ropes in the prow of the Corvette.
    • Now you can bring the Anchor down with the Mechanism. (and the Elevator up so Vane can attack) The Big Fight starts.

    The Galleon search(top)

    • After the Big Fight, find an open hatch at the prow of the Galleon.
    • Gun deck: an anvil is blocking the way to the Hold. Unlock instead to the Galley and free the locked in Guncrew.
    • Take help from them to remove the heavy anvil.
    • Continue through the two Holds, the red Cabin, the stern Gun deck and up to the Captain’s quarters.
    • Repeat the earlier procedure (wheel on quarterdeck) to unlock to the large Cabin.
    • The last fight: don’t try to kill any of the four remaining Officers. Concentrate on just staying alive with blocking/using medicals. The Fight ends when all the crew are dead. The four Officers flee through the windows.

    The sinking Galleon(top)

    • The Galleon is taking in water, so exit to the quarterdeck and jump down to the Corvette. The Galleon sinks and you leave Charles Vane.
    • At the shore: Follow your friends back to Port Royale and Rogers’ Library.