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Woodes Rogers (05) - The Medicine Chest

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (05) - The Medicine Chest

  • Rogers’ Shop(top)

    • After Rogers dialog go to Rogers’ Shop.
    • Pick up the Surgery Kit. (on a wooden box)
    • You can’t take the Medicine Chest yet so go instead to the Shop Office.

    Shop Office(top)

    • Find the Rope in a chest.

    Rogers’ Shop(top)

    • Now pick up the Medicine Chest: Grandma arrives and informs you about the Apothecary and the Boatswain in the Port.
    About the medicine items to collect:

    There are six obligatory pick ups to be made

    1. Antidote buy it in the Store.
    2. Etherbottle buy it in the Opium Den
    3. Apothecary items exchange them for a Violin in the Port.
    4. Claire Voyant item she has a Stall in the Market Place.
    5. Thomas Dover items he is outside the Tailor.
    6. Citizens donations collected at the Church.
    There are six possible extra pick ups (gives some reward)
    1. Surgery Kit in Rogers’ Shop.
    2. Saw to Surgery Kit in the Shipyard.
    3. Leeches in Grandma’s Room.
    4. Medicine Leaves from Friday in the Bootyroom.
    5. Rolls of Bandages buy it in the Store.
    6. Prescriptions from Rosabella Issalini in Crew Quarters.

    There are items you don’t have to worry about: These are items that come together with the obligatory items. They fill the drawers of the Medicine Chest.


    • Talk to Selkirk. He’ll inform you about Mr Cook and citizens donations at the Church.

    Caroline’s Room(top)

    • Talk to Caroline and she’ll give you some jewelry to sell in the Store.

    Outside the Church(top)

    • Talk to Cook and he opens half of the Medicine Chest, and demands some Food to encourage the citizens donations.


    • Get a Key to the Food Chests from the Boatswain.
    • Talk to the Apothecary. (far away to the left) He wants a Violin for his cures.

    Rogers’ Shop(top)

    • Buy a Violin from Dave, he keeps it in his room which is locked.
    • Go up to Grandma’s Room and take the Elevator down to Dave’s.
    • Pick up the Violin.


    • Get the Apothecary items in exchange for the Violin.


    • Rogers informs you about where Dampier is.


    • Dampier opens the back of the Medicine Chest and informs you about where the Doctor is.

    Town at the Market Place(top)

    • Claire Voyant has a Market Stall: Get some items from her.
    • Talk to Dover outside the Tailor: He needs Empty Bottles.
    • Get them in the Tavern and return here.
    • Get the Mercury Medicine from Dover.


    • Talk to Selkirk again and Friday gives you the Medicine Leaves.

    Food Supply(top)

    • Switch temporary from Medicine Chest to Food Chest. (in the shelf to the left) Use Key and open four Chests with: Bread, Beer, Meat and Fish.

    Outside the Church(top)

    • Deliver the Food.

    Food Supply(top)

    • Go back to the Food Supply and take the Medicine Chest again.

    Gunpowder Storage(top)

    • Visit the Gunner and he’ll open the other door of the Medicine Chest. (in his own way)

    Outside the Church(top)

    • Finally pick up all medicines here: The Chest is filled.
    • A messenger tells you to go to the Shipyard.


    • The Carpenter repairs your Chest. Go outside and back in again and the Chest is ok.

    Rogers arrives and asks if you’re ready to leave to Vane’s Hideout.

    Cave Shore(top)

    The door to the Blue Cavern is locked.

    Cannon Tower(top)

    • Go up to the top. Pull the Musket to open the Blue Cavern.
    • Walk the plank and jump down the next floor. Pick up the Chestlock and its Key.

    Blue Cavern(top)

    • Lock the Chest and hang it up like earlier.
    • Walk up to the Church ruin.

    Church inside(top)

    • Go to the middle of the room. The Pirate Captains gather around you and Vane comes out from the Sacristy. Follow him in there.


    • Deliver the Medicine Chest and get your Pistols back. Get 1 – 3 new skills from the Captains (in the Church room and/or in the Sacristy).

      The number of new skills depends on how many extra drugs you have collected.

      After receiving a green sash from Rackham you are allowed to free the prisoners.

    • Go to the Chapel. It’s empty, continue down to the Temple.

    Mandala wheel(top)

    Six hostages from Port Royale are locked up in four cells.

    • Activate the Mandala machinery with the lever in the ‘bedroom’.
    • Turn the Wheel by sitting down on the throne. Each turn of the Mandala Wheel opens a new cell. The last turn opens to the stairs and the prisoners leave.

    One prisoner doesn’t want to leave.

    The axe(top)

    • Open cell nr 4 and go in to him. He leaves the cell but stays in the ‘bedroom’ instead. He’s the famous Daniel Defoe.
    • Find the small axe in cell nr 4.

    The Bomb(top)

    • Break open the counter in the ‘bedroom’ with the Axe and pick up the Bomb.
    • Place the Bomb on the wooden box in cell nr 4. (there is a steplock under it)

    The Shield(top)

    • Go back to Defoe and get the Spade from him.
    • Use it to break loose the Shield in cell nr 2.

    The Crypt(top)

    • Use the Shield as protection and the Spade to activate the Bomb in cell nr 4. The explosion removes the box and the steplock opens the door to the Crypt.
    • Go through the Crypt to Port Royale Church and continue to the Shipyard.