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Hylie Pistof
Last Activity:
Feb 22, 2018 at 8:37 PM
Jan 15, 2010
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Jul 3, 1950 (Age: 67)

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Hylie Pistof

Curmudgeon, Male, 67

Staff Member QA Tester Storm Modder

Just installed win8.1 and naturally I lost everything and am rebuilding. May 27, 2014

Hylie Pistof was last seen:
Feb 22, 2018 at 8:37 PM
    1. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      Just installed win8.1 and naturally I lost everything and am rebuilding.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Luke McReady
        Luke McReady
        For some reason my Windows 8 will not install 8.1 for some unknown reason
        May 27, 2014
      3. Hylie Pistof
        Hylie Pistof
        If I was 30 years younger I'd figure out how to run Linux Ubuntu on this thing. I can't watch videos because it needs an app, but that app is already installed
        May 27, 2014
      4. DavyJack
        Windows 7 is better! Hehehe :P
        Jul 24, 2014
    2. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      Well, we are in the middle of a major drought here and it has been raining all day.
    3. gdcaza
      I get heading of : reply to post (something like that) but cannot write anything on page, i.e. no text box to write in,
      in bug threads : enter message title but there is no text box for rest of message.
      did try a few weeks back but just gave up.
    4. gdcaza
      no cant post to that thread, there is no area to post area
    5. gdcaza
      yes, am member
      in uk
    6. gdcaza
      gdcaza hi, can`t create new thread in potc, get error message, build 14, 3 Danielle (fort commander) attacks my ship !
      1. Hylie Pistof
        Hylie Pistof
        Hi. Are you a member here?

        Also, at the bottom of the forum is a thread about not being able to post here. Can you post to that thread?

        Where are you? One member from Poland has trouble posting here, but only on his computer. If he uses another computer he can post fine.
        Dec 17, 2013
    7. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      This place rat cheer is the only place I am allowed to view or post on this forum.
      1. omega likes this.
      2. Armada
        OK that's weird. I'm sure I've seen others posting on the forum since the changeover...
        May 2, 2012
    8. Armada
      Fixed your display name for you. :) I had the same problem, seems like this site is using what were formerly our login names, not our display names.
    9. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      And why am I miklkit(Mikeylikesit) and not my true state Hylie Pistof? Sorry, but I just could not resist. :0)
    10. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      It appears that only my first status update is posted.
      1. Armada
        That's because we Moderators now have to approve every single status update (yay?). When Keith logged out, I had about six of your comments to approve.
        May 2, 2012
    11. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      Forum error You do not have permission to view this page.
    12. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      Sigh..........When I click on a forum it only shows threads I have started, but when i click on one of them it says: forum error.
    13. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      I am not used to this yet. :0(
    14. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      What I am seeing is all of the forums, but on the right hand side they are labeled "private.
    15. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      Do I like Xenforo? It is empty! Are we starting over from scratch, or are you just not done porting content over?
    16. ctmage
      Can I even play POTC with an Intel Graphics Card? :( I got through the part where you make your character and stuff...?
    17. Hylie Pistof
      Hylie Pistof
      Those monks are fun! Do you have a map? I don't think those skulls do anything.
      1. Jonty
        When I saw the description saying something about some Mayan ritual, I thought it would be some secret quest. Sounds like a great idea. Each of the 3 skulls would be scattered around the Carribiean which you will have to learn the location for each one,and you have to overcome a difficult enough challenge to obtain one. Then when you have all 3, or maybe add another one like green to extend the quest a bit, you can proceed to find the temple which will hold the 3/4 skulls, and you gain someth...
        Sep 17, 2011
      2. Jonty
        something special as a reward. Although it sounds like it could be a long quest, or even story line at that. Although I believe everyone is occupied right now. If I was a proficient coder and modeler, I would do it myself.
        Sep 17, 2011
    18. Black Bart
      Black Bart
      Happy Birthday :) I just saw the notification on the main page, some rum for the man!
    19. Peter Blood
      Peter Blood
      Your name is hilarius! LOL
    20. Talisman
      I like your new name :rotfl
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    Jul 3, 1950 (Age: 67)


    • AMD Ryzen 1700 @ 3.9 ghz
    • Biostar X370 GT7 motherboard
    • 16gb G Skill ram @ 3015 mhz
    • Sapphire Fury 4gb video card
    • 850 watt Seasonic power supply
    • 27" 2560 X 1440 144mhz monitor
    • Creative xfi sound card
    • Sennheiser headphones