1. Blackwake
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    If you like the sound of a multiplayer FPS set aboard ships in the Age of Sail, please help our friends developing Blackwake by donating towards their goal before 9th December!
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    Blackwake - Multiplayer Pirate FPS set in the Age of Sail -- Kicktraq Mini
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    Thanks for all your votes mates! Keep em coming! POTC now has over 330 votes!
  3. Looking for help? Game crashing? Graphics weirdness? We will be glad to help! We just need some information first!
    When you post questions asking for help, pleas provide the following in your post :
    • What mods are you using?(please include version number!)
    • What is your computer hardware?
    • Operating System?
  4. New Horizons

    Quick links for PotC: New Horizons
    - Download latest version
    - Wiki - FAQ - Report bugs here
    - ModDB profile

  5. GOF: Eras

    Quick links for AoP2: Gentlemen of Fortune 2
    - Downloads and info
    - TheBlackKnight's Mods and Guides
    - ModDB Profile

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