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Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales on GOG

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by wolfsrain, Mar 31, 2016.


Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by wolfsrain, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Pieter Boelen
    Wow, didn't see that one coming! @Thagarr will probably be quite happy to see this. :cheeky

    They actually renamed the game too. I'm well surprised at that one!
    Though technically, it IS a game in the Sea Dogs series, so it definitely makes sense to do so.

    Does it have an open PROGRAM and RESOURCE\INI folder?
    And does it also have the Sea Dogs title in the menu?

    Now I wonder.... how long before "Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships" gets released on there too?

    Of course the one I actually care about is Pirates of the Caribbean, but I fear that might be affected by some Disney film rights to complicate matters.
    Even if it basically has nothing to do with the films anyway, what would you name it? "Sea Dogs: Pirates of the Caribbean" would certainly seem VERY strange! :shock
    Though I suppose they could go with its original "Sea Dogs 2" title.
  2. Pieter Boelen
    I suppose they could go with its original "Sea Dogs 2" title.
    But then.... wouldn't "AoP:CT" need to be "Sea Dogs 3: Caribbean Tales" or something like that?

    Oh well.... that's for them to figure out. :wp
  3. wolfsrain
    I dream that we will see all the games from the series in english, preferably DRM free. Now, if Akella can work something with Disney and Bethesda, so we can see PotC re-released...That would be quite something. Baby steps, i guess...
    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  4. Thagarr
    Interesting that they chose to rename it... all that really does is confuse things even more. Glad to see it on GOG though!

    Moved to the front page where it belongs! :onya
  5. ColonelKetchup30
    So this is where Devlin's are from :O
  6. Pieter Boelen
    Yup. Actually, "Blaze Devlin" used to be the main character name in Pirates of the Caribbean back when that was still to be Sea Dogs 2.
    You can still tell from the code, because even though he's actually called "Nathaniel Hawk", in the code he is always referred to as "Blaze".

    From what I understand, Devlin is the Russian last name for the original Sea Dogs. In English it ended up slightly different:
    Sea Dogs had "Nicholas Sharp" as main character
    Sea Dogs was meant to have his son as main character, but that became "Nathaniel Hawk" instead
    However, PotC DOES have the "Sabre of Nicholas Sharp" as an Easter Egg in the game.
    Then Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales got the main characters that Sea Dogs 2 was meant to have: Blaze and Beatrice Sharp.

    Anyone still following? :rofl
  7. Flannery
    I have a feeling they have changed to Sea Dogs as an attempt to make a series for new players (knowing the old ones will still recognize them) and possibly also hook a few buyers who also bought Sea Dogs: To each his own.

    And business wise I think they did the right thing.

    I highly doubt Disney would allow them to change the name though - should PotC ever make it to GOG. They want to milk that name for every little doubloon they possibly can... also understandable from a business point of view.
  8. Black Sam Bellamy
    I´m very surprised to read here that Disney shall have rights for Sea Dogs 2: Pirates of the Caribbean. I always thought that Akella is the Developer and Bethesda and Ubi Soft are the Publishers of this game:
    Pirates of the Caribbean (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I also always thought that Disney only has the rights for the film Pirates of the Caribbean and the homonymous PC game:
    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    But that one is with Jack Sparrow and not with Nathaniel Hawk :confused:

    As far as i know only Buena Vista Games is from Disney but Akella isn´t.

    So GOG should only have to deal with Akella and that shouldn´t be a big problem anymore because they had to do that already for Sea Dogs 1 and Age of Pirates 1.
  9. Pieter Boelen
    Sea Dogs 2 was hyjacked by Disney so they could repurpose it as a movie tie-in; hence the game's title.

    Nobody here has ANY clue about the legalities involved and who actually owns what.
    From what I understand, Akella made the game, Bethesda distributed it and there is Disney licensing in there somewhere.

    I probably is no simple matter, but that is for GOG.com to figure out if they think it is worth their while.
  10. Black Sam Bellamy
    OK but if it´s like you say then i think that it could only be that Disney paid Akella and or Bethesda for the right to make a Spin-off game with Jack Sparrow because Sea Dogs 2 was released first and for shure without Disney. Anyway i believe that there will be no problems for GOG until they want to offer the one with Jack Sparrow and till now no one is voting for that one xD
  11. Pieter Boelen
    Sea Dogs 2 was never released under that name, except perhaps in Russia; it has always been "Pirates of the Caribbean".
    The game features something that is supposed to be the "Black Pearl" and the opening and closing videos were narrated by Kiera Knightly.

    PotC: Legend of Jack Sparrow has got absolutely NOTHING to do with the 2003 Akella game.
  12. Black Sam Bellamy
    I know all that and that is exactly the reason why i think that Disney has NOTHING to do with Sea Dogs 2: Pirates of the Caribbean. I ONLY call it Sea Dogs 2 to make a difference between that one and the homonymous Pirates of the Caribbean with Jack Sparrow.
  13. Pieter Boelen
    Except that is untrue. Disney DID have something to do with it. For starters, the Disney logo plays when you start the game! That alone is proof enough.
    If Disney would have had nothing to do with it, that game would have been released under the "Sea Dogs 2" name in the whole world.
    But it wasn't. It was released under the "Pirates of the Caribbean" name, specifically because of the Disney film.

    The game "Sea Dogs 2: Pirates of the Caribbean" never existed under that name.
    It is either "Sea Dogs 2" (Russia) OR "Pirates of the Caribbean" (rest of the world).

    If you want to avoid confusion with "The Legend of Jack Sparrow", the simplest way to accomplish that by far is to not mention that game.
    It is completely beside the point. :razz
  14. Black Sam Bellamy
    Sorry Pieter, i didn´t want to confuse you. I only wanted to tell my thoughts. Also i don´t own or play the game, so i didn´t know about the Disney logo.
  15. ArlekinV
    Pieter Boelen, one interesting fact - in CIS Pirates of the Caribbean were released with small sticker on front side of box. On it was writen "Sea Dogs 2". Sorry can't make a photo, cuz my original box was broken during an ancident.
  16. Pieter Boelen
    Really? Just to make this simple! :rofl
  17. ArlekinV
    Oh, my bad. Didnt see all of the discustion.

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