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Tutorial Getting Privateer License Early and how to actually conquer colonies

Discussion in 'Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships' started by captnt, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. captnt

    captnt Landlubber

    Sep 2, 2017
    Getting Privateer License Early and how to actually conquer colonies


    In This Guide i'm going to teach you How to actually Bypass Privateer/corsair/corsario/kaper Main Quest in game and how to properly conquer colonies and understanding penalty after that decision. keep that in mind my first language is not English so i'm gonna try my best to write as best as i can. hopefully this guide will help you good luck!

    STATS PIRATES Required

    why do i really need to actually have this instead my fixed ability?

    Good question mate well the reason why i put these 3 important stats it will help you in a long run should you choose to play governor's quest other then cheating . make sure you have skill book as well those also will save you from headache completing last nation quest line just to get privateer class. while it is immersive way to get those license, who had that patience to get those nobody. so screw that governor cheat your way to be a privateer that's how you do it, the pirate way.
    • Authority at least 8
    • Talent at least 7/8
    • Success at least 5/6

    Quickest Way to Get Privateer License After you get Letter of Marquee from the pirates.

    Rate of experience make sure to set it to the right to increase the speed for it.

    • If you playing as Peter Blood and you have 25k bounty on your head. simply travel nearby English colony and buy your pardon to clear those bounty after that do 1 quest for the governor after clearing your bounty. travel to nearby pirate colony and renew all Nation Trading license doesn't matter how many days you got from Weston's Original License that you stole from Completing Nicholas Dyke mission. why because it's 60 days that's why, 60 days is not enough to cover all this trust me it's gonna be annoying when the guard just harassed you asking about the license, there's one time when the guard didn't really care you got trading license or not. buy 90 days trading license i know it's expensive but trust me it's worth it.

    • In order to get the letter of marque you can go ahead travel to any Pirate Colony and go to tavern. start asking the diplomats that usually spent all their useless gold on by being a bum, its not hard to miss them.

    • After getting Letter Of Marquee from the Diplomat, you don't have to equip the item to activate it. it will automatically equipped itself on hidden inventory slot.

    Keep doing governor's Side Quest i know it's a chore but try to earn at least Trusted sailor or Honest Sailor Rank enough to earn governor's last two mission detecting the spy or finding disguised merchant pirate idk it's so random so i dont know it would be the same for you. after completing those two quest travel on different colony assuming you still have those marquee, you now can go ahead request privateer license from any nation without doing the actual case from the governor himself not from his assistant.

    How to know you can actually raid the colony and capture them

    • destroy the fort first
    • then kill all remaining soldiers that guarding the main town
    • rush to governor's mansion and make your decision from there.

    Note 1 - if the governor wasn't there that means your game is bugged idk.
  2. Pieter Boelen

    Pieter Boelen (Not So) Old Seadog Staff Member Administrator Storm Modder Hearts of Oak Donator

    Nov 11, 2004
    Maritime Research: Project Engineer (Analysis)
    Wageningen, The Netherlands
    Where is it supposed to be moved?
  3. Grey Roger

    Grey Roger Sea Dog Staff Member Storm Modder

    Feb 12, 2007
    It's more a gameplay thing than a mod thing, so I've moved it into the "Gameplay and Tips" forum.
    Pieter Boelen likes this.

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