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Need Help Need help with several issues.

Discussion in 'City of Abandoned Ships Gameplay & Tips' started by Foster161, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Foster161

    Foster161 Landlubber

    Mar 27, 2014
    Good day, mates.

    Firstly, this is my first post on this forum, although I've been lurking for some years even before creating an account. In any case, I appreciate the ammount of quality that I've found here and the long living legacy.
    Hence, I'm turning to the forum with several questions that I was not able to found in the old posts or mod documentations.

    I'm running CoAS - GoG version with Gentlemen of Fortune 2.0 + 1.5b patches plus some blackknight's mods (music, port)

    Anyway, the first question is about naval combat difficulty. No matter what I do, or how many crew I've got, my crew gets decimated extremely fast. When I'm in a combat with a heavy galleon, myself in a heavy galleon as well, their shots kill my sailors instantly, their reloads take 4x time less than mine and I end up with minimum crew before I kill his.
    How do I come around this? I'm not exactly an expert on sea combat but I understand the basics. Most of my settings (GoF mod) are set to either inbetween or CoAS default though, but I can't tell the difference. Also, at start, I picked difficulty I think 4 from 10, is is taken into account here?

    Edit: After digging in all documentation, I noticed that it was an reported issue - enemy cannons shoot too fast. Has there been a workaround for this? (lowering difficulty to 1 - 2 maybe? or perhaps it's the mix of mod settings that causes this)

    Next question is about ship attributes. Most of the time I sail with about 75% crewed ships, and their skills are mostly 100% in "sailors" and little in cannons and combat. However, in the ship attributes, the speed for example is capped at 7 / 12 and so on. Cargo hold is only about 30% full, what else is the source of these penalties?

    Next question is about companion officers. I hired one fella that has excellent carpenter stats and skills and a some bosun skills. I noticed that he has all the carpenter skills (quick repair, light repair, naval defense, etc.) and I see them in green on my character - however, I see no difference. Ship isn't repaired that quicker and I don't have the action quick repair in the select menu. Am I doing something wrong or has it been changed in GoF?

    Last question is about characters. I've picked Nathaniel Hawk because I remember the older game but also it is the only character with good sounding English name that is also not shaped as a pirate or is a fantasy character. However, I noticed that his dueling animations and attacks are different from others and vanilla game. Can this be altered somehow?
    Additionaly, can a currently played profile be edited somehow or the character changed? I've put some time into the profile before shipwrecking on above troubles.

    I thank you in andvance and will appreciate any help, if you know some answers to my troubles, even if only for one of them.

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2017
  2. Foster161

    Foster161 Landlubber

    Mar 27, 2014
    I've advanced quite a bit since my last post, and I have some updates.

    The irregular difficulty was caused by some GoF mod options i chose, having everything set on GoF settings balances things out.

    I've started a new game, this time with Peter Blood to grind some early stats and cash, but the problem with officer skills persists still.
    All the skills of Ogle and Pitt are available to me (foresight, quickturn, etc) but no matter what tavern companion I hire, I get no other quick skills (quick repair, brander). Am I doing something wrong or is it disabled in the mod?

    Thank you.

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