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(PotC-NH)Games that become legends.

Discussion in 'POTC: New Horizons Mod' started by Ambrois LeGaillard, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Ambrois LeGaillard

    Ambrois LeGaillard Sailor

    May 14, 2016
    Sea Captain and Troubleseeker
    Somewhere in the Caribbean
    This is a PotC-NH matter, but have also validity for some other games- very few, but there are.

    As Morrowind did, PotC was at first a simple pirate game, the following of Akella's Sea Dogs.
    I remember how was the vanilla game: good, much bettered than Sea Dogs, but not really special.

    Then, thanks to you alls that modded NH, PotC entered in the number of legendary PC games. This was a real important pace, because I consider "legendary games" only few titles, like Morrowind and the first 2 COD (COD and COD-United Offensive) .

    For enter in my own "legendary game" number, a game must break in my heart, soul and mind, have the sense of a movie while remaining a PC game: all qualities that are really difficult to find.

    For example, COD for me isn't a PC game, but a war movie: every time I play and replay, I enter in a war movie, expecting to see near myself Edward Fox and Sean Connery from "A Bridge too far" or Lee Marvin from "
    Big Red One".

    Morrowind instead has created a so highly detailed and alien fantasy world, far from classical Sword and Sorcery classic fantasy, and a story that has become a real legend, unsurpassed by any other Bethesda title.

    PotC-NH has all the qualities for be a legendary PC game: the game, that originally wasn't more than a pirate game, and Imho, poorer than Sea Dogs, with the modding has gained something that I consider a basic quality for be legendary: the perfect mix from history, legend, and tipology.

    Sure I have a lot of difficulty to explain for you, but I want try.

    Imho, Pirates are Tridimensional, because they have three sizes: History, Legend and .... I don't know how say, in Italian is said "Maniera", maybe Manner will be a right word?

    History: the real pirates, and their cruel and violent world;
    Legend: all the stories about pirates and piracy;
    Manner: Eye Patches, Peg Legs, Hooks, Insolent Parrots, PEGI21+ Language, Caribbean Beauties, and flamboyant dresses.

    PotC - NH has reached to come deeply into my soul: every time I play the game I enter into a Caribbean filled of ships, governors, pirate4s and corsairs, strange folks, SOB's and so on (Me included), exiting only when I go to bed.

    This is the motivation because I have put this game into Legendary games. PotC-NH has reached to mix perfectly all the 3 Sizes of Pirates and their world.

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