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Chronicles of Horatio Hornblower - Walkthrough

Dec 11, 2015
Chronicles of Horatio Hornblower - Walkthrough
  • The quest is complete as far as it goes. Midshipman through Commander (Loyalty)

    My First Ship – Battle Bloodied – Tunnel of Trouble – The Lieutenant’s Exam (Fire Ship) – The Devil and the Duchess – Land Battle – Mutiny – Capture Spanish Fort – Antigua Land Battle – Loyalty.

    This walkthrough works using Build 14 Beta 01 Patch 1 it may differ from other versions

    Details have been omitted so as not to spoil the game, but hopefully enough information is given so the player might know “what to do next”

    NOTE: The word [TRAP] appears from time to time in this walkthrough.

    It is not a bug. ---- It indicates the player is at risk if the correct action is not taken.

    Be careful with your officers and companions, if they are killed during a quest - the quest will not complete correctly.

    Side Quests(top)

    All Side quests are Available BUT should NOT be played until after Main Story has been completed

    A complete list of Side Quests is given here: Side Quests

    Main Story(top)

    My First Ship (top)

    The game starts with Horatio (the player - you) in Antigua Port.

    You may wander around the port, but the "story" will not continue until you find and enter the Naval Academy and get your first orders.

    You have just arrived from England.

    Go into the Academy.

    Once in there you will automatically walk ( auto-walk) to the other characters to start the dialog.

    You will be told to go to Naval Headquarters for more orders, and when that is done told to sail to Guadeloupe to land supplies.

    When the dialog is done the player should leave the Academy by the main door to the port.

    Clayton and Kennedy will complain to you about Jack Simpson.

    You should go to Naval Headquarters where you will receive orders to have larger guns fitted to the ship and get more background information.

    Leave Naval Headquarters by the main door.

    Meet Simpson. Have an argument. (auto)

    Go to the Shipyard talk to the Dockyard Commissioner and get larger guns fitted.

    You may now go to sea. (This is an auto load function which will start as you reach the end of the dock).

    Dialog with Simpson on deck as you board.

    You will be told by an officer to take station as the captains boat is coming along side (auto)

    The captain will give orders to prepare for sea.

    You will take charge of the helmsman.

    Go see him and talk to him – auto go-to-sea on completion.

    Sail to Guadeloupe – (Anse Casse Bois)

    Land on beach with Simpson and Clayton where you will meet Lt. Buckland.

    He tells you, you are late. An argument with Simpson ensues. Clayton is killed. (auto)

    Lt. Buckland returns and sends you back to the ship with orders to sail to Kingston in Jamaica.

    Sail to Kingston. Go to port.

    Captain Keene, on jetty, dismisses you from his ship and you join the Indefatigable under Captain Pellew.

    (auto jump-to-new-ship)

    Another argument with Simpson on deck. Swordfight. (auto)

    Captain Pellew orders you to sail for Nevis (Charlestown) to pick up a new crew. (auto go-to-sea) [TRAP]

    Sail to Charlestown. Go to port.

    Pellew orders you to get more gunpowder for the ship.

    Go to the Store and get gunpowder.

    On leaving the store Lt. Buckland says Captain Pellew wants the new crew trained and some officers collected from Bridgetown.

    Sail to Bridgetown.

    Go to port.

    Lt. Buckland does not want to leave the ship so sends you to collect the officers. They are in the Naval Headquarters in the main town.

    Go to Naval Headquarters. (near the prison).

    Collect Lieutenants Bracegirdle and Quelp.

    Battle Bloodied (top)

    Sail back to Charlestown.

    At Charlestown port Pellew, on jetty, will advise that the “Indy” is to accompany the Justinian and sink a French ship (the Volcano) at Martinique.

    Auto MOVIE – Pellew talks to crew.


    Sail to Martinique find the Volcano (East coast of Martinique). Sink her.

    When she is sunk sail back to Charlestown. Go to port.

    On jetty, Pellew will tell you to follow him to the Academy. Follow him.

    In the Academy Captain Sawyer will discuss the battle – you are accused of fouling the Justinian’s line of attack. Pellew will defend your actions. Sawyer will agree and accuse Simpson.

    Simpson will attack you. (auto)

    Kill him - or be killed [Game Over].

    You are promoted to Acting Lieutenant. At end of the dialog leave the Academy by the main door and on into the port. You will receive your new uniform and meet Archie Kennedy.

    You are auto-transported to the room upstairs in the Tavern.

    (You have slept for two days!)

    The 'Indy' has left for Antigua so you only have a Tartane.

    Go downstairs and meet Hunter. He will tell you of French blockade of the town.

    You will decide to cut of the French water supply by going to White Bay.

    Tunnel of Trouble (top)

    Hunter knows of a short-cut and directs you to the house near the bridge across the stream.

    Go to House by the Bridge (Mystery House) and go inside. [TRAP]

    You will meet ‘Smug’ Larr who will let you use his tunnel to the beach for 100 in gold.

    Pay him. (auto)

    and go through the back door into the tunnel.

    Go through tunnel to the beach.

    There you will meet Richard Sharpe, who will ask what you are doing.

    Talk to him and he will help you capture part of the French crew.

    When crew is captured, go back to the beach and talk to Hunter. Auto MOVIE –cut-in of ship’s capture.

    Auto return to beach.

    Captain Pellew lands – talk to him. Major Arthur Wellesley and his sister arrive.

    All of you go back through the tunnel to the smugglers house.

    Back at the smugglers house Lt. Quelp kills Smug Larr to protect Richard Sharpe. (auto-kill)

    Pellew sends Quelp and the Wellesley’s away for their protection.

    Pellew talks about dead bodies – Harper (Sharpe’s man) says only one was dead, the other was unconscious and told of a second tunnel which leads to the pirate town and the Naval Academy.

    Pellew is perturbed by this and tells you and Sharpe to locate the tunnel entrances.

    Go up steps into back room – Harper gives instructions on route to take.

    Find entrance to smugglers camp – go into room – go into second room. [TRAP]

    return to the tunnel and find entrance to the Academy.

    (You can find the Academy first but it is harder to get back) BOTH entrances must be found for the game to continue.

    Return to the Back Room in the Smugglers House. Talk to Pellew. A traitor exists, but who?

    Go to Academy – talk to Pellew and Quelp.

    Quelp leaves. Major Wellesley arrives. Pellew approves plan to catch traitor.

    Go with Wellesley to Smugglers House.

    Fight with French troops. Kill them all. (Quelp is not present.)

    Take Wellesley through tunnel to the beach (White Bay).

    At beach meet Dreadnought Foster – he demands you to sail to Kingston with him.

    The Lieutenant’s Exam – Fire Ship(top)

    Sail to Kingston. Go to port.

    Foster tells you to meet Pellew at the residence gates. Wellesley goes to the fort(auto)

    Go to meet Pellew outside the Residence. He tells you, you are up for the lieutenants exam.

    He will tell you where the Naval HQ is.

    Go inside Naval HQ.

    Lt. Chadd will direct you to the examination room.

    Go to the examination room. There you will find Captains Foster and Hammond.

    They will examine you.

    During the exam the port guns will sound the alarm and Lt. Chadd will report a fire ship is in the port.

    Foster Hammond and Chadd leave the room.

    Go to port. (fast travel NOT available) (you will see the fireship.)

    Go to dock. You agree with Captain Foster to swim to the fireship. (auto transfer).

    On fireship deck go to the ship’s wheel. [TRAP]

    Captain Foster will give you directions to avoid hitting the ‘Indy’.

    Captain Foster tells you when you are clear of the ‘Indy’.

    Foster goes to look for the chase boat which should take you off the fireship but falls down the burning stairs.

    Go to Foster and rescue him. (auto back to dock). [TRAP]

    An argument ensues between Foster and Hammond as to why Hammond failed to send the chase boat.

    After the argument Captain Pellew arrives and takes you back to the ‘Indy’. (auto)

    He tells you you are invited to dinner with Major General Hew Dalrymple. (auto transfer).

    The Devil and The Duchess(top)

    You are given secret orders to take to England and meet the Duchess of Wharfedale who you must also take to England.

    Go to ship. Go to sea. Auto MOVIE –cut-in of capture by Spanish and you giving documents to the Duchess.

    Auto-transfer to Spanish prison. Meet Archie Kennedy.

    Midshipman Hunter complains that Kennedy "has had it" and should be left alone.

    Duchess arrives at prison and takes you to meet the fort commander.

    Fort Commander gives you permission to walk on beach.

    Walk on cliffs and beach with Duchess – ask her about the documents. (must hit trigger point on beach path for this to happen).

    Go to Fort again. (Do not overtake the Duchess)

    Hunter complains about Kennedy again.

    Go to see Kennedy again. He is better.

    Duchess comes in to ask about him. She leaves.

    Kennedy recognises that the Duchess is an actress.

    Fort Commander invites you to dinner.

    Go to Dinning Room in fort.

    Meet French Major - he also recognises the Duchess as an actress.

    The Duchess denies this.

    auto transfer to fort after dinner.

    Duchess admits she is an actress. you ask for documents back. (not given to you)

    French officer arrives and challenges the Duchess as to who she is.

    They go off together (auto)

    auto next-day - Hunter makes comments about the dinner.

    Duchess arrives and explains why she went off with the French officer.

    auto next-day Fort Commander tells you the Duchess has left but gives permission for you and crew to go to beach.

    auto transfer to beach.

    Matthews (auto) runs up to you and tells you about battle between the Indy and a Spanish ship that is going on at sea.

    Fort Commander arrives and you discuss the battle.

    Spanish ship hits the rocks.

    You ask for a boat to rescue the crew.

    Fort Commander gives permission and you give parole not to escape (and your crew).

    Go to next beach.

    Talk to Archie

    AUTO MOVIE - Spanish ship wreck – escape – picked up by the “Indy”.

    Auto to Indy - Promoted to Commissioned Lieutenant - tell Pellew you and crew must return to prison.

    Crew Agree.

    AUTO to prison.

    Meet Fort Commander again.

    auto next day

    Talk to Archie

    auto next day

    talk to prison commander – given freedom.

    Go to beach

    Go to second beach

    Pellew arrives – tells you of French Plans

    Land Battle (top)

    Sail to Kingston

    Go to Naval HQ – Auto walk to Pellew

    Meet Sharpe and Wellesley again and introduced to Lt. Chumley. - told about French at Octopus Bay.

    Sail to Martinique beach (Octopus Bay)

    Go to shore

    Battle with French troops. (first part auto – last part you must fight to stay alive.)

    After battle Chumley wants to sail back to Charlestown. You want to goto Spieghtstown as it is nearer and the wounded need to be attended to quickly.

    Sail to Spieghtstown. Go to port.

    Talk with Chumley about the wounded.


    Pellew arrives and tells you you have been transferred to Captain Sawyer and you must go to Naval HQ in Bridgetown to report.

    Find Archie Kennedy in the Tavern.

    Go to Bridgetown. - Meet Wellard. - Meet Sharpe who is now a sergeant in the 95th Rifles.

    Go to Naval HQ.

    Meet Sawyer. Told to board ship.

    Go to Port – auto board ship.

    (NOTE: This whole section takes place on the quest deck – you cannot leave the ship)

    Lt. Bush arrives.

    Go talk to helmsman.

    Captain arrives (Auto)

    Officers line up for Captains meeting. (auto)

    Mr. Bush introduces himself.

    Captain orders ship underway.

    Archie is concerned about the Captain.

    A storm blows up.

    Captain allows for sails to be reefed orders hauling.

    Wellard is in the rigging. (auto)

    Sail tears – Wellard stops hauling sail.

    Captain punishes Wellard for countermanding his order.

    Auto to crews quarters to see Doctor and ask about Wellard.

    Auto back to deck.

    Archie discusses the Captain’s condition.

    Bush calls you to a meeting with the Captain.

    Captain tells you the task is to capture the Spanish fort on Playa de Sabana.

    Argument with Captain – he looses his concentration.

    Doctor asks all officers to leave.

    Bush Buckland and Kennedy discuss taking over the ship.

    Bush warns that this will be mutiny.

    Bush and Buckland leave.

    Wellard arrives.

    Go to main deck to talk (Captain is heard on deck).

    Captain follows you. (stand still!)

    Captain falls into hold.

    Auto cut to next morning.

    Doctor asks what happened – and that Buckland must take over the ship.

    Buckland suggests use the Renown to broadside the fort.

    You tell him guns won’t elevate enough and that you must do a land assault.

    Agree to land assault.

    End of Deck Scene

    Capture Spanish Fort(top)

    Auto land at Playa de Sabana beach.

    Matthews warns that Spanish might see ship.

    Spanish see ship and player and open fire.

    Goto Prison Beach. [TRAP]

    On prison beach go to rope bridge [TRAP]

    Sharpe sends riflemen to shoot guards. (auto)

    Remaining guards attack.

    Kill guards.

    Discuss with Kennedy how to blow up fort gate.

    Bush tells you the Fort has surrendered.

    Cross bridge and talk to Fort Commander.

    Auto into fort.

    Find Lt. Quelp was a prisoner there. Free him.

    Buckland takes formal surrender of Fort.

    Buckland sends prisoners and Quelp to ship.

    Tells player to stay and blow up the fort.

    Bush and Kennedy assist in setting charges. (auto)

    Go back to bridge. Stopped because slave army. Tell Archie to fire cannon. Auto run across bridge.

    Fort blows up. (auto)

    Head Back to ship. [TRAP]

    Get back to second beach.

    On beach Matthews reports that the Spanish prisoners have taken the ship.

    Go to board ship. (auto transfer to quest deck)

    Fight with Spanish. (Kennedy and Bush are wounded).

    One prisoner tries to kill Sharpe (auto)

    Lt. Quelp saves Sharpe.

    Sharpe is now confused as to loyalty of Quelp.

    Go to beach to bury the dead.

    Return to Kingston

    Arrested for mutiny (auto).

    Court Martial.

    Acquitted. Promoted to Commander.

    Given the Retribution (ship).

    Pellew calls you to a meeting with Wellesley & Sharpe

    Sail to Cayman. Go to Tavern.

    Go to town.

    Sail to Antigua.

    Antigua Land Battle (top)

    Attack on Antigua going on when you arrive.

    Talk to Wellesley.

    Go to Outskirts for battle.

    See Matthews [TRAP]

    Talk to him.

    Fight battle [TRAP]

    Go to Sharpe and Quelp.

    Go to next valley.

    Talk to Sharpe [TRAP] (according to your answer)


    Captured and in French Prison




    Execute Sharpe's plan regarding the beach.

    Return to valley meet reinforcements.

    Wellesley arrives.

    Sharpe promoted

    Return to outskirts to finish battle. [TRAP]

    Cannon battle




    Go back to town and meet Wellesley.

    Told to sail to Bridgetown.

    Sail to Bridgetown.

    Go to Naval H.Q. – told war is over.

    Leave H.Q. meet Mrs. Mason who offers somewhere to live (local house)

    Follow her to house. Go inside.

    Meet Maria Mason. Talk to her.

    Auto to port.

    Talk to Maria who says Riflemen are in the Tavern.

    Go to tavern.

    Meet Sharpe and Harper. Talk about Lt. Quelp.

    Leave Tavern.

    Meet a Rifleman who says Lt. Quelp is at the lighthouse.

    Go to lighthouse and meet Lt. Quelp.

    After meeting go back to Bridgetown.

    Loyalty (top)

    Meet Lt. Bush - talk to him.

    After meeting go back to Mrs. Mason's house. Talk to her.

    Go to Apothecary's house for Card Game.

    Pellew intorduces some "friends"

    Orders you to Flagship in the morning.

    Auto transfer to Flagship. Meet Pellew and Wellesley.

    Given the Hotspur.

    Told to find British Agent on Guadeloupe.


    Told to find Sharpe on Cayman first.

    Back to port

    Go to tavern to get crew. Go back to Mrs. Masons - talk to Maria.

    Sail to Cayman with Lt. Quelp's ship as escort.

    Go to Tavern.


    Find Rifleman in town.

    Follow Rifleman to Riflemen's encampment.

    Talk to Mansfield, Captain Murray, Major Dunnitt.

    Meet Sharpe.

    He says sail to Charlestown.

    Sail to Charlestown.

    Go to Port.

    Sharpe, Bush and Harper go off, but return shortly.

    Sharpe leads you to meet Teresa Moreno (partisan leader)

    Agree to work together.

    Sail to Anse Casse Bois - (Guadeloupe)

    Go to beach

    Teresa Moreno's men arrive.

    Sharpe sends riflemen ahead.

    Go to next valley. Talk with Sharpe.

    Go to next valley. [TRAP]

    Talk with Teresa.

    Go to Plantation. Talk with Teresa.

    Go to Plantation house [TRAP]

    Meet British Agent. (Hogan)

    Agree to help Teresa in getting relic from the town church.

    Change clothes.

    Go to Riflemen's camp (turn right leaving house and over small bridge).

    Talk with Sharpe.

    Go back to Plantation house and collect Harper and Cooper.

    Go to Church in main town.

    Get the relic [TRAP]

    Leave church.


    Choice 1 (sea route)

    Join Teresa ship and sail back to Anse Casse Bois - (Guadeloupe)

    Meet Sharpe. Follow Sharpe to Lighthouse.

    Return to beach.

    Meet Lt. Bush rejoin Hotspur.

    Sail to Bridgetown. [SEE AT BRIDGETOWN - below]

    Choice 2 (land battle)

    Join Harper and Cooper and return to the Plantation [TRAP]

    Join the battle.

    After battle go to Plantation house to change back into uniform.

    Go back to Captain Murray on battle field.

    Talk to him. Talk to Sharpe.

    Go to next valley.

    Meet Harper.

    Go to next valley.

    Go to Lighthouse beach [TRAP]

    Go back to last valley.

    Go back to shore.

    Meet Lt. Bush and rejoin the Hotspur

    Sail to Bridgetown.

    AT BRIDGETOWN: (choices rejoined)

    Go to port.

    Jack Hammond tells you to go to Flagship

    Auto transfer to Flagship.

    Pellew and Captain Hammond agree on plan of attack on French fleet.

    You are to destroy the signal tower (lighthouse).

    Auto to port.

    Go to Mrs. Mason's house to collect belongings. Talk to man blocking the door. Maria and mother are in prison for debt.

    Go to prison.

    Pay for release of Maria and her mother.

    go to town.

    Meet Lt. Bush. Talk to him.

    Go to port. (must do)

    See Hammond and Quelp.

    Talk to Lt. Bush.

    Board ship.

    Sail to Anse Casse Bois - (Guadeloupe)

    Auto deck scene for landing party.

    Auto to beach.

    Take landing party to next valley.

    Go to next valley [TRAP]

    Go to next valley [TRAP]

    Go to lighthouse beach. Follow Styles to kill French signalman.

    Blow up signal tower.

    QUEST JUMP - to Beach - change character - you are now Midshipman Hammond.

    Talk to Matthews.

    QUEST JUMP - to Hotspur - change character - you are now Lt. Bush

    Talk to Hammond.

    QUEST JUMP - to valley - charge character - you are now Hornblower again.

    Go to beach

    Captured by French.

    QUEST JUMP - to Flagship - change character - you are now Lt. Bush.

    Talk to Pellew about rescuing Hornblower.

    QUEST JUMP - to French prison - character change - you are now Hornblower again.

    Talk to Styles.

    Talk to Wolfe.

    QUEST JUMP - to beach - character change - you are now Thomas Wolfe.

    Capture British soldiers.

    Talk to British traitor.

    Set signal so British squadron thinks it is safe to sail in.

    QUEST JUMP - to Hotspur - change character - you are now Matthews.

    Talk to Lt. Bush and Jack Hammond.

    QUEST JUMP - to French prison - change character - you are now Hornblower again.

    Talk to Styles.

    Remember you still have picklock.

    Choose door to go out of [TRAP]

    Incorrect door - In prison for life.

    Correct door

    Room near fort.

    Find weapons.

    Talk about plan of escape.

    QUEST JUMP - to Hotspur - character change - you are now Lt. Chadd.

    deck explosions.

    Talk to Lt. Bush.

    QUEST JUMP - to French prison - character change - you are now Hornblower again.

    Agree on plan.

    Go to Fort.

    Attack low level guards.

    Attack high level guards. [if killed - game over]

    Send men to lay charges to blow up fort and find a way out.

    Go to next level up to set you own charges.

    (when you get to the correct one - Stanley will tell you he has a way out.)

    QUEST JUMP - to the Hotspur - character change - you are now Lt. Bush

    Signal from Flagship to withdraw.

    Tell Jack Hammond to check signal.

    QUEST JUMP - to French Fort - character change - you are now Hornblower again.

    Tell men to get out and then blow up the fort. (auto)

    Auto jump to beach.

    Talk to Styles.

    Go to shore to look for ship.

    Auto blocked by French troops, Wolfe and traitor.

    Talk to Wolfe and traitor.

    Auto battle begins.

    Hotspur's crew arrives on beach. (if killed - game over)

    Battle continues

    Battle over - auto walk to traitor.

    Talk to him.

    He walks off and commits suicide.

    Talk to Lt. Bush.

    Sail to Bridgetown.

    Go to port

    Lt. Eccleston sends you to flagship.

    Auto to Flagship.

    Talk with Pellew.

    Auto to port.

    Go to Mrs. Mason's house.

    Propose marriage to Maria. Get accepted.

    The Following Part is available from Build 14 Beta 4

    Mrs. Mason talks to you about wedding arrangements. (Fade to next day.)

    Go to church. Walk towards the priest. When you're close enough, the wedding will begin.

    After Lt. William Bush has congratulated you, go outside. Mrs. Mason asks you to take her home.

    Go to Mrs. Mason's house. Mrs. Mason talks to YOU. (Fade to next day.)

    Leave the house. Lt. Chadd approaches and tells you to report to Naval HQ.

    Go to Naval HQ. Lt. Ecceleston talks to you.

    Talk to Sir Edward Pellew. Receive command of frigate "Atropos" and general orders.

    *You are now in free-play mode. If you were wary of playing side-quests, you can now go after them.*

    Optional extension:(top)

    Sail to Guadeloupe and land at Anse Casse-Bois.

    Go to the plantation house. Talk to Major Hogan.

    OR: Sail to Nevis and dock at Charlestown.

    Go to "Mystery House". Talk to Teresa Moreno.

    Either of these will tell you about Thomas Wolfe.

    Sail to Martinique and look for French sloop "Loup Garou". Capture or sink it.

    Return to Bridgetown. Lt. William Bush tells you Wolfe is locked up and Sharpe is waiting.

    Go to the prison. Richard Sharpe talks to you.

    Go through to the cells at the back of the prison. When you are close enough, Thomas Wolfe and Richard Sharpe talk to you.

    Talk to the prison commandant about releasing Wolfe.

    Leave the prison. Sharpe talks to you (actually he's talking to Wolfe but dialogs always go through you).

    Sail to Hispaniola. Land at Boca de Yuman.

    Richard Sharpe talks to you. Thomas Wolfe talks to you.

    Go to the jungle clearing with the windmill.

    Richard Sharpe talks to you.

    Auto-walk forwards. Lt. Uriah Quelp talks to you.

    Lt. Uriah Quelp shoots Thomas Wolfe. Your attention is drawn to some soldiers who have just arrived.

    Lt. Uriah Quelp talks to you and tells you his plot.

    Richard Sharpe goes to fight the soldiers. You fight Lt. Uriah Quelp. (If killed, game over.)

    Rifleman Haggman talks to you. Richard Sharpe talks to you. [TRAP]

    CHOICE 1: Go to village outskirts. Richard Sharpe talks to you. Return to windmill clearing.

    CHOICE 2: Go to Saint Domingue outskirts. Patrick Harper talks to you.

    Patrick Harper runs off, returns and talks to you.

    Return to windmill clearing. [TRAP]

    Richard Sharpe talks to you.

    Rifleman Cooper, Rifleman Higgins and Rifleman Tongue approach. Rifleman Cooper talks to you.

    Go to Saint Domingue outskirts.

    Richard Sharpe talks to you.

    Battle with more soldiers. (If killed, game over.)

    Auto-walk forwards. Donatien Thibaud talks to you and surrenders.

    Richard Sharpe talks to you.

    Return to shore. Go to sea.

    Fight with French frigate. (Or run away.)

    Sail to Bridgetown.

    Richard Sharpe talks to you. Riflemen walk away.

    Go to Naval HQ. Lt. Eccleston talks to you. Sir Edward Pellew talks to you.

    Go to Mrs. Mason's house. Maria talks to you.

    (Or you can visit Mrs. Mason's house first and then go to Naval HQ.)