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Legend of Jack Sparrow - Curse of the Black Pearl

Oct 3, 2015
Legend of Jack Sparrow - Curse of the Black Pearl
  • This walkthrough was created using Build 14 Beta 4 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    Curse of the Black Pearl(top)

    On jetty Laurence Wellman talks to you – leaves – QB Update

    Talk to yourself - Go and talk to the soldiers on the other jetty (see Steal The Interceptor - below) or Go and talk to Henry the Beggar


    Go and talk to Henry the Beggar inside port gates - Q B Update

    He will give you choices:-

    Steal The Interceptor - (See Below)

    Talk to Governor

    OR Do your own thing - (have not played this choice yet)

    Talk to Governor(top)

    Enter Town Hall – Automatically walk up to Governor Swann who talks to you – Cutler Beckett & James Norrington talk to you

    Agree alliance with pirates – Given money and ship – Norrington becomes your officer . – QB Update

    ( Ship is at Devils Throat – go through jungle and board ship )

    Sail to Turks

    Go to Tavern – talk to Pieter Boelen – Transported to tavern room – Norrington talks to you.

    Transported to Port – Norrington talks to you again & leaves takes ship gives you tartane. – QB Update

    Go to tavern – Bootstrap Bill Turner appears and talks to you – says his son Will in trouble, agree to help – BBTurner leaves – Oswald Chappel walks up and talks to you.

    Transported to Port – Oswald Chappel talks to you then Will Turner talks to you – Will Turner joins you - Now have HMS Interceptor. & LOTS OF GOLD

    Sail to Tortuga (see Below)

    Steal The Interceptor(top)

    Go and talk to soldiers Murtogg & Mullroy on jetty.

    Film Sequences - talk to Elizabeth Swann - Governor Swann - James Norrington on jetty

    Escape - transported to Blacksmiths - talk & fight with Will Turner - transported to jail.

    Talk to soldier - then cursed pirates - QB Update - then Will Turner.

    Transported to Port – QB Update - talk to Will Turner - Transported to HMS Dauntless deck – Automatically swap ships with Norrington

    As Norrington stand on Dauntless as Jack Sparrow sails away in Interceptor – Crewman & Lt Gillette talk to you

    Auto-Transfer to Interceptor at sea – Sail to Tortuga.

    Sail to Tortuga(top)

    On Tortuga jetty Will Turner talks to you - go and find Mr Gibbs - side alley by the ship yard.

    Talk to Mr Gibbs - transported to tavern - continue talking to Mr Gibbs

    Transported to Port - Mr Gibbs talks to you - shows you crew - Annamaria talks to you - crew board Interceptor - QB-Update

    Sail to Isla de Muerte

    Land at Deserted Shore – talk to Will Turner on beach & give Mr Gibbs orders - go to Treasure cave - Film Sequence - talk to Will Turner - talk to Barbossa – HURRAH sound – Now play as Barbossa

    Transported to beach - Board Black Pearl sail after Interceptor and sink her

    Transported to deck of Black Pearl- play as Jack Sparrow again - Barbossa talks - Will Turner talks - Barbossa maroons Eliz Swann & Jack Sparrow

    Transported to Beach – talk to Eliz Swann – QB Update

    Go through jungle to other beach - Norrington arrives talks to you - Transported to deck of HMS Dauntless - Norrington talks

    Transported to Treasure Cave - talk to Barbossa - fight Barbossa & kill him - Will Turner & Eliz Swann talk to you - Norrington arrives & talks to you

    Transported to Port Royale Fort - About to be hung - Lots of talking ( most of this is Automatic ) - Escape - Transported to Rocky Shore – Film Sequence

    You have the Black Pearl sail to Tortuga and you can do Lucas & Justine Le Moigne Sidequest

    Curse of the Black Pearl finished - This is the end of the Main Story.