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Hearts of Oak News 3rd October 2014

Discussion in 'Hearts of Oak News' started by Armada, Oct 3, 2014.

  • by Armada, Oct 3, 2014 at 11:04 PM
  • Armada

    Armada Sea Dog Staff Member Administrator Project Manager 3D Artist Storm Modder

    Jun 11, 2010
    Game Developer
    Somerset, England

    Welcome to another edition of our Hearts of Oak progress articles!

    In each article*, we will bring you a summary of the latest development news, including work-in-progress screenshots and in-game footage, along with a more in-depth look at featured content.

    After a long wait, we've got a huge amount of news to share with you regarding the exciting work in Unity and excellent models in production.

    This week, we really want to highlight one particular role that we still need to fill:
    - Character modellers
    It is of the utmost importance that we find at least one dedicated character artist as soon as possible.
    We only need one fully rigged character for the tech demo, but if at all possible we'd like to avoid low-detail placeholders (see screenshot of the weapon system below).
    Therefore, we really need people to take on the roles of modelling characters and clothing, to give us good looking models for the tech demo and beyond.

    We are still recruiting other 3D artists, and in particular we'd like to see more people willing to get their assets into Unity.

    As a reminder, all of our developer roles are NON-PAID positions.
    For role descriptions and how to join the team, click here.

    Engine Development
    - Cannon action system

    In this video, Captain Murphy runs through the procedures the guns follow when ordered to fire, including swabbing, loading, running out and recoiling.

    - Ocean System

    An update on how the ocean renderer is working in the game, showing an improved wave system and realistic foam effects.

    - Helm System

    A quick demonstration of how the player can interact with the helm to turn the ship.
    The video also shows how the wheel and tiller move simultaneously.

    - Fencing System; @Captain Murphy, @Trunks518 and @Foamy
    We are now collaborating with third party developer Foamy to produce a fully dynamic fencing system for the game.
    Although we haven't finished integrating it into Hearts of Oak yet, you can get a taste of the feature set by following this link to Foamy's website.

    - Modular Weapon System; Trunks518 and @superdurnius
    To complement the swordfighting itself, we also have modular weapons now working in the engine.
    Using model parts provided by SuperDurnius, the player can choose exactly what kind of sword they want by customising the grip, blade, guard and pummel.
    Below is a screenshot of an early test showing how this works:


    3D Models

    - HMB Endeavour; @ODemuth

    This incredibly detailed ship now has its masts and some of its rigging in place, along with reserve spars upon which the boats would be stowed.



    - Blandford class frigate; @Timb
    Based on a 20-gun sixth-rate originally built in 1720, the modeller is modernising this ship to be more suitable for the game's initial time period.
    Below you'll see the model in two different paint schemes, the first of which being a concept render (not in-engine):



    - HMS Bellona; @Armada
    The biggest ship in active development, she now has all gunports open and is close to being ready for basic testing in Unity.
    Most of the finer details are being skipped for the initial tests.



    To give you a taste of what's to come, we're regularly showcasing an original track, produced by one of our talented composers.
    This week, we've got a finished version of one of @Flannery 's pieces named Rum Bonfire.
    Have a listen via the link below, and then read what the composer has to say:

    Rum Bonfire.mp3
    This music is the property of D'laymusic - Norway, and Christian "Flannery" Tornholm-Lehn. It is protected under copyright law, which if violated might lead to legal persecutions.

    Stay tuned for more original music soon!

    Top Contributors
    Below is the latest member of our development team to be recognised with our Top Contributor award in recent weeks:

    @Trunks518 - For his tremendous contributions on the Unity Engine development; we would not have come as far in as short a time as we have without his help.

    His contributions have been invaluable to the game's development, and we hope to give out more of these awards soon!

    We are still accepting donations to help pay for engine add-ons, software licenses and more.
    So far, we've managed to acquire a Unity Pro license for two of our developers, along with a selection of asset packs such as the Pirate Island to speed up our engine testing.

    If you would like to donate to the project, you can do so through Paypal using the Donate button on http://www.heartsofoakgame.com .
    We greatly appreciate every contribution!

    You can keep up to date with how much we've raised and what we've used the funds for here.

    That's it for this week's progress; we'll have more updates for you soon!
    Don't know what the Hearts of Oak project is? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
    *Please note that we're aiming to post a new article at least once a fortnight. If there's a long gap between articles, it usually means we're very busy!
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Discussion in 'Hearts of Oak News' started by Armada, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Red Back Dude
    Geee whiz there's a lot there, firstly i LOVE the way the ocean is looking so far and the awesome wave size possibility's :D

    ... not sure what else to say honestly i know its funny but me just being the layman here i am looking at this in total awe from the music to the graphics i just yeah WOW :bounce

    Any chance there's a zip folder with the music so far ?:bow
  2. Hylie Pistof
    Did I see that correctly? You turn the wheel right to turn the ship left?
    RobinPC likes this.
  3. Flannery
    I think they were "backing" at that point....:p
    Hylie Pistof likes this.
  4. Captain Murphy
    Actually the wheel was turning in conjunction with the tiller direction in the video. The direction of the wheel is merely cosmetic, though, and whether it is set for intuitive steering or not, a left key on the keyboard is always port rudder. The direction of the wheel can be set in the helm settings so that a pre-1700's ship will have correct wheel direction for the helm control based on the proper design.
  5. Pieter Boelen
    Didn't they have the directions swapped in the past?
    Supposedly even on the Titanic you had to put the wheel to port to make the ship go starboard.
    Depends on the mechanics, I suppose.
  6. Red Back Dude
    The song from this update is stuck in my head now :cool:
    Dario likes this.

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