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Lost Treasure on Barbados (in Speightstown)

Jun 29, 2015
Lost Treasure on Barbados (in Speightstown)
  • In the Quest Book you will get the entry:

    A treasure chest is hidden somewhere in the (Period Name of Speightstown) dungeon.

    There are 3 ways to enter the dungeon:

    1. Swim round the rock on the left of the jetty in the port - there is an entrance there to the dungeon
    2. Opposite the Shipyard there are some steps - under them is a door to the dungeon.
    3. Enter town until you are facing the Port Gates with the tavern on your right. - Proceed to the building on the left of the Port Gates & walk to the door. - The entrance to the dungeon is hidden & is located in front of the door.


    Proceed up the tunnel until you reach the central area.


    Go round the right hand side of the centre piece until you reach this corner.


    To leave follow the tunnel you see in front of you that has steps going up. At the next intersection turn right & you will see another centre piece with broken bars on it. Go through there & up the steps to the town.

    This guide is taken from this thread in the forum :-Treasure Quests

    Thanks to SuoiveD for providing the images and information.